Corgi Mix Breeds for Adoption – 50+ Breeds Discussed

Corgi mix breeds offer excellent dogs for adoption, depending upon the choice and likeness of the owner.

For example, if you are going to adopt a dog, Corgi produces a variety of mixed dogs with different temperaments and appearances; it means you get plenty of options to choose from.

This content deals with all the famous and rare corgi mix dogs, along with the legal and authentic information on where to get an adequately bred corgi mix pup.

So, are you ready to have all the information? Here you go, without a pause:

Corgi Mix Breeds:

Corgi word is derived from the two words of Welsh language Cor + Ci = Dwarf + dog. That makes Corgi a small dog used in cattle herding.

In this breed, you find two types of corgi dogs,

  1. Pembroke Welsh Corgi
  2. Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

AKC recognizes Fluffy Corgis from both types.

“Corgi mix dogs can be from either type and may vary based on the parent breeds.”

How many Corgi mixes Are There?

You get more than fifty corgi mix breeds in the world, and they may vary parent wise

Nevertheless, some signature traits like loyalty, guardianship, bravery, and over-barking remain the same whether you are getting Pembroke Welsh mix or Cardigan Welsh mix dog.

How many are we enlisting? Almost 60 corgi mix dog breeds with pictures, along with details on the temperament, behavior, and intelligence, to let you know if the dog you are looking for is the right pet for you or not.

Without a pause, let’s go to the individual corgi crossbreed dogs.

List of corgi mix-breeds:

  1. Corgi Husky Mix – Horgi, Corsky
  2. Corgi German Shepherd Mix – Corman Shepherd
  3. Chihuahua Corgi Mix – Chigi
  4. Corgi Pitbull Mix – Corgi Pit
  5. Corgi Australian shepherd mix- Cowboy Corgi
  6. Corgi Poodle Mix – Corgipoo / Corgidoodle
  7. Corgi Australian Shepherd Mix – Aussie-Corgi
  8. Golden Retriever Corgi Mix – Golden Corgitriever
  9. Corgi Shiba Mix –Corgi Inu
  10. Corgi Pomeranian Mix – Corgipom, Pom Corgi, Corgiranian

1. Corgi Husky Mix – Horgi, Corsky:

Corgi and Husky dogs, when mate, you get an excellently intelligent bundle of joy called Horgi.

One parent can be any dog from any type of husky dog while the other parent will be, of course, a corgi of any kind (Pembroke or Cardigan)

Size 13  to 15 inches (higher than corgi, smaller than husky)
Weight 20 to 50 Lbs. excellent to carry
Lifespan 12-15 Years
Coat Thick, Fluffy, Fuzzy
Colors White, black, beige, cream, orange, and even blue
Temperament Intelligent, active, friendly, loyal
Activity Level High
Grooming Yes, as they shed a loth
Training Needed since childhood
AKC recognition No

They have short legs, long back, long pointy ears, and almond-shaped eyes, more like huskies, while the coat is adorably fuzzy.

Here you need to understand that when husky corgi mixes are bred naturally, nobody can configure the corgi mix breeds’ coat color, size, or coat thickness – it depends upon which parents’ genes overlap.

For example, if mix Pomeranian or Agouti husky with a Corgi, the inner and outer traits of a corgi husky mix puppy obtained by both will differ.

However, the signature traits will remain the same.

In short, Corgi and husky mix temperament is friendly and playful and makes them excellent home pets.

However, if you have a home with children, Horgis need tough training for biting and barking before letting in.

Should you adopt a corgi husky mix?

If you are ready to dedicate one hour to physical activities, offer proper training to the dog, and you can afford the cost to buy corgi husky mixes between Corgi and husky is the pet for you.

The cost of an authentic corgi x husky can be between $300 to $800.

2. Corgi German Shepherd Mix – Corman Shepherd:

Can a corgi and German shepherd mix? YES! If crossbreeding between shepherd mix dogs and corgi dogs is also possible such as blue bay German shepherd and corgi mix or Lycan shepherd and corgi mix.

When crossbreeding between a German shepherd (any black, brown, orange, or panda) and a corgi dog happens, a loyal, courageous, and persistent Corman shepherd dog is obtained.

Size 12 to 15 inches (till shoulder))
Weight 20 to 70 pounds
Lifespan 09 – 13 Years
Coat bi-colored coats, (rarely can be in one color)
Colors gold, white, brown and black
Temperament intelligent, affectionate, friendly (especially with kids), protective, and shy around strangers
Activity Level High (one-hour running or exercise is a must)
Grooming Yes, (daily brushing)
Training Needed since childhood
AKC recognition No

Corman shepherds share ancestorship with the two most intelligent yet cattle herding dog breeds. It learns new skills, which makes them easily trainable dogs.

FYI: Corman shepherds are also called corgi German shepherds or German corgis though they aren’t Germans in real.

However, as both parents vary physically, one is the largest while the other is a dwarf dog breed.

So the size of your German shepherd corgi mix puppy can be between both or according to the genes of the parent breed overlaps.

If not trained well, the Corman shepherd might show tantrums like barking excessively, being possessive for the place or human, and being destructive and chewy if bored.

Therefore, such corgi mix breeds are recommended to be adopted only by experienced dog owners.

Are German shepherds and Corgi mix hypoallergenic?

Unfortunately, no! These dogs have a very tough coat that tends to shed, which makes them non-hypoallergenic dogs.

3. Chihuahua Corgi Mix – Chigi:

Do not go on the smaller size of these dogs; Chigis are vigilant, affectionate, and playful dogs. You may call it a wonder pet with a very loving temperament.

Genes depend upon parent breeds, such as if you are crossbreeding long-haired Chihuahua with Pembroke or Cardigan Corgi, the results will be different from a puppy obtained by crossbreeding short-haired Chihuahua with Corgi.

Size 7 to 12 inches (toy dog)
Weight 20 pounds
Lifespan 12 – 14 Years
Coat Long, short, medium (Uni / Bi colored)
Colors Black, Golden, Light Brown, Red, Silver, White, Blue, Brown, Cream, Black & White, and Black and Tan
Temperament Affectionate, alert, loving, friendly, social, gentle
Activity Level High (one-hour running or exercise is a must)
Grooming Moderate (occasional walks are enough)
Training Easy to train
AKC recognition No

The cross between Chihuahua and corgi dog is called Chigi dog. Both parents belong to dwarf dog varieties hence the puppy you obtain will be a toy-sized cutie herding dog.

Chihuahua puppies usually bark a lot, but the son they obtain after mixing with corgis is a moderate barker and only speaks a lot when disturbed.

These dogs can be great with pets and children, yet only occasional walks are okay to keep your dog healthy.

FYI: When you take Corgi and Chihuahua mixed dogs outside, take keen care as there is a tendency to be abducted by birds like vultures and hawks.

Besides, these are perfect apartment dog breeds that don’t need a large yard to play.

How much does a Chigi cost?

If you can adopt, it is an excellent pet with prices ranging between $300 to $1,000.

4. Corgi Pitbull Mix – Corgi Pit:

Pitbulls are of many kinds and are Corgis. Different pits are crossed with corgi dogs to find a puppy according to the desired temperament.

The price of a Corgi pit puppy is determined by the parents; for example, the American pitbull and Welsh Corgi mix puppy is expensive, while the Gator pitbull and Corgi mix puppy can be even more expensive.

Besides, it is not just for the sake of temperament but price as well.

Size 7 to 19 inches
Weight 30 – 50 pounds
Lifespan 12 – 15 Years
Coat short to medium length / dense
Colors uni or bi-colored – single black, brown, red, white, or in the combo of any two
Temperament Strong Prey Drive, Friendly, Playful, Protective, Goofy, Strong-willed, Obedient, Pleasing
Activity Level Moderate energy (45 minutes running or exercise is a day)
Grooming Daily (brushing the fur 15 minutes a day)
Training Easy to train
AKC recognition No

Like parents, Corgi pitbull mix puppy possesses a muscular body, straight legs, and powerful paws.

For example, making a black pitbull cross with a Welsh corgi offers a puppy with an active and aggressive temperament along with a friendly, happy puppy who is not so open towards strangers.

Pitbull puppies do not have a very good reputation, however, do not trust the information you find online as they can offer some excellent Corgi mix breeds.

Are you interested in pitbull dogs? Do not miss a read on rare red nose pitbull.

5. Corgi Australian shepherd mix- Cowboy Corgi:

Mixed and designer dog, the cowboy corgi is a cross between Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Australian cattle dog called Blue Heeler or Queensland Heeler.

Cowboy Corgi puppies are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and high energy levels. Sharing parent line with shepherd dogs, these Corgi cattle dogs are also used to guard animal farms.

Size 13 to 20 inches
Weight 26 – 40pounds
Lifespan 12 – 15 Years
Coat based on parents, (straight, shaggy, or dense)
Colors sable, roan, or in bi or tri-colored merle pattern
Temperament loyal, active
Activity Level high (need regular exercise)
Grooming Often
Training focused training needed
AKC recognition No

Australian and Corgi cross brings an excellent Cowdog in the world. They are called Cowboy or Cowdogs because they offer helping hands in herding cows and goats to the pastures and getting back to the farms.

Though they are short dogs, however, they are incredibly watchful, attractive, and active canines. In addition, the shedding rate is moderate, so occasional brushing is okay for these dogs.

If you want to buy them, get ready to pay the price around $2,800.

6. Corgi Poodle Mix – Corgipoo / Corgidoodle:

Corgipoo is obtained by a cross between Pembroke Welsh Corgi and a Poodle, also called Corgidoodle or corgi poodle mix.

Size 10 to 12 inches
Weight 12 – 28 pounds
Lifespan 12 – 14 Years
Coat Wavy, Strigaht, Curled / double coat
Colors Black, white, brown, gray, cream, red (single or mixture)
Temperament affectionate, loyal, friendly, caring towards kids
Activity Level moderate (30 to 40 minutes a day)
Grooming Regular brushing
Training short and sweet training sessions as per the size of your dog
AKC recognition No

Corgipoodle is a cross between two quite different breeds in which one is stubborn in the attitude that’s Corgi, and the other one is friendly and eager to please, that is the poodle.

When crossed with any other dog, Poodles introduce tender, loving, and friendly breeds, including Spoodle, Shepadoodles, phantom poodles, etc.

So is the case here. These dogs are very friendly towards kids and enjoy the company of toddlers and walking little kids.

However, make sure to keep an eye on the squad when playing so that the tiny-sized Corgipoo doesn’t engage in any harmful incidents.

7. Corgi Australian Shepherd Mix – Aussie-Corgi:

Aussie Corgi is the official name of breed obtained by a cross between Australian Shepherd and Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

Size 12 to 18 inches (small / medium)
Weight 25 – 45 pounds
Lifespan 12 – 15 Years
Coat Thick and dense
Colors Bi-color coats: black and white, black and brown, white and brown, gray with black and white
Temperament Friendly and brilliant hybrid with an outgoing and curious nature
Activity Level Daily exercise needed
Grooming 2 or 3 times a week
Training Need training for socializing
AKC recognition No

The dog can showcase signs of stubbornness if not trained, groomed, or tamed correctly from a very early age.

Due to this fact, these dogs are recommended to be adopted only by professionals and regular dog owners. It isn’t a breed of new dog owners.

However, if you need a designer shepherd dog, Corgi Australian Shepherd Mix can be your next pet but do not forget to train him from day one to meet with other people as well as other animals.

They love playing around the family and home. Make sure to get some dog gadgets to help them stay active and sturdy.

8. Golden Retriever Corgi Mix – Golden Corgitriever:

A fun-loving little pooch comes into being when golden retriever genes are combined with Corgi genes. These Corgi mix breeds may or may not weigh around 50 pounds, based on which parent genes overlap.

Size 10 to 18 inches (small / medium)
Weight 37 – 45 pounds
Lifespan 10 – 13 Years
Coat Longer, double
Colors Solid, or combination of colors
Temperament Playful, bordering, stubborn (if not trained)
Activity Level High, half-hour- to hour-long walk per day
Grooming Regular brushing
Training Easy yet consistent
AKC recognition No

The best thing about Corgi mixed Retrievers is that they do not shed, making them hypoallergenic dogs perfect for people with allergies.

Besides this, they are high on energy doggies, sometimes can show off tantrums like being stubborn. However, it will only happen if the dog is not trained well or isolated for more than a routine period.

Other than this, the dog is very adaptive to the surroundings and has a friendly and playful nature.

9. Corgi Shiba Mix –Corgi Inu:

The crossbreeding between Shiba Inu and corgi dog breeds introduces a playful dog named as Corgi Inu.

Size 09 to 15 inches (small / medium)
Weight 17 – 27 pounds
Lifespan 12 – 15 Years
Coat Solid, or mixture of different colors
Colors Sable, black, blue, red, fawn, white, and (rarely) brindle
Temperament Shy, good around trained kids and people
Activity Level High, half-hour- to hour-long walk per day
Grooming Regular brushing
Training Difficult
AKC recognition No

It is not easy to find a proper Corgi Inu dog because many breeders call a mix-breed Corgi Shiba mix when actually the dog is from another breed.

For this, you will have to try only those dedicated breeders with a complete history of parent sand dog’s DNA and genes.

These dogs will need training, regular exercise, and a dedicated person who will teach them how to behave in front of other humans and animals.

10. Corgi Pomeranian Mix – Corgipom, Pom Corgi, Corgiranian:

Pomeranian is the little pompom of your home, while Corgi is also a tiny cute fur baby to have in families.

When these two cuties mate, another feisty, affectionate pup with a big personality comes into being, we call Corgipom.

Size 08 – 12 inches (small / medium)
Weight 07 – 30 pounds
Lifespan 12 – 15 Years
Coat Fluffy coat (double coat if corgi genes overlap)
Colors Black, brown, orange, reddish, white, and gentle mixes
Temperament lively, friendly, energetic, and very friendly
Activity Level High, half-hour- to hour-long walk per day
Grooming Daily brushing
Training Easy and cute
AKC recognition No

Corgi and Pomeranian husky both are tiny dog breeds, so their offspring will also be toy pups.

However, it is not about being friendly and lively only; a pomeranian corgi mix can showcase some habits that may be unpleasant for some owners.

Do not go on their small sizes; these dogs are very active and need a big room for exercise, running, and playing.

It is unnecessary to have a big open yard because there are chances that your Pomcorgi might be prey to big animals and birds.

Bottom Line:

The discussion is not over yet because we have plenty of corgi mix breeds to discuss yet. Some more to come are:

  1. Corgi Dachshund Mix – Dorgi
  2. Pug Corgi Mix – Porgi
  3. Beagle Corgi Mix – Beagie
  4. Border Collie Corgi Mix – Borgi
  5. Great Dane Corgi Mix – Corgane

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