Poco X3 GT Review | Step up from the Pro?

  • Poco X3 GT Review | Step up from the Pro?

    Reviewing the Poco X3 GT after a week of testing, including Xiaomi's MiUI12, camera verdict, gaming performance, battery life and other thoughts. Following my unboxing I've used the Poco X3 GT as my personal phone, and I rather like it despite the handful of flaws.

    So let's start with the bad. This budget smartphone doesn't have microSD support or a headphone jack, unlike the Pro, while the selfie camera isn't too hot. Plus the display isn't very bright, so visibility can be tough in bright light. On the flip side, that screen boasts sharp contrast, there's a stereo speaker setup and the Poco X3 GT''s rear camera is great for capturing everyday photos and home movies.

    Performance is good enough to game on PubG, CODM and other Android titles. Plus, battery life is strong, so you won't run out of juice unless you go a bit nuts. That's my verdict on this budget phone, check out my unboxing for a full tour and my round up of the best affordable mobiles of 2021.

    Xiaomi Poco X3 GT Review Chapters:
    0:00 - Well hello there
    0:42 - Design
    2:07 - MiUI 12 & Features
    3:50 - Screen & Audio
    5:11 - Performance & Gaming
    6:11 - Battery life
    6:42 - Camera
    8:53 - Verdict