Samsung Galaxy M32 | Unboxing & Full Tour

  • Samsung Galaxy M32 | Unboxing & Full Tour

    Unboxing the Samsung Galaxy M32, a budget 2021 smartphone boasting a quad lens camera, Super AMOLED screen and some of the best battery life of any cheap mobile. This hands-on review tests out the gaming chops on titles like PubG and CODM, explores the camera abilities and features, and runs through all the specs. You can grab a Samsung Galaxy M32 in the UK for £269 from Amazon or direct.

    Gamers will want to look elsewhere for their budget phone, as this handset's Mediatek chipset is rather limited. And while you can shoot respectable looking photos in decent conditions, that camera does struggle in low light. Plus there's no 4K video option.

    Still, the Galaxy M32 can keep you going all day with the 5000mAh battery. I love the Super AMOLED display, you've got a headphone jack and expandable storage. Plus Samsung's One UI software is feature-packed and strong on security.

    So is this one of the best budget smartphones of 2021? It's great in most respects, but anyone after speedy performance will want to look elsewhere.

    Samsung Galaxy M32 Unboxing Chapters:
    0:00 - Well hello there
    0:51 - What's in the box?
    1:12 - Design
    2:43 - Samsung OneUI
    5:36 - Screen & Audio
    7:44 - Performance & Gaming Test
    10:13 - Battery
    10:54 - Camera
    13:21 - Verdict