Can Dogs Eat Watermelon? Human Foods That Are Good For Dogs

  • Can Dogs Eat Watermelon? Human Foods That Are Good For Dogs

    If you are wondering if dogs can have watermelon, the good news is that this juicy, sweet, delicious melon, fresh or frozen, is safe for dogs to eat. Low in calories and packed with nutrients, it's a healthy addition to your dog's diet when served in moderation and a few precautions taken such as removing seeds and rind.

    Dr. Richter breaks down what human foods are safe to feed your dogs, and which should be avoided.

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    Only feed fresh or unsweetened frozen watermelon to your dog. Do not feed them watermelon that is canned, sugared or packed in syrup. The sugar content is too high, and these foods might have added preservatives and sweeteners like xylitol which can be deadly to dogs.

    Remove the fruit from the rind as the green and white section of the rind can be rough on a pup's tummy. Remove any seeds from the melon as these can cause intestinal blockage and also might present a choking hazard.

    As with any new food added to your pet's diet, start out serving watermelon very slowly to see how well the fruits are being digested. Soft stool or diarrhea can be indications that watermelon does not agree with your dog, or they have consumed too much.

    Can Dogs Eat Watermelon? Human Foods That Are Good For Dogs