Has surveillance gone too far?

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Fall is finally upon us, bringing with it some interesting developments in the online security space. This month on the blog, we discussed some recent cyber attacks, WhatsApp boosting its end-to-end encryption offering, why biometric surveillance is creepy, and more. As always, scroll to the end for an excellent SSL discount. Happy reading!

European bodies make calls to ban AI biometric surveillance

Move over facial recognition; you've got a new rival in creepy surveillance methods: biometrics. Find out what biometrics involves and why some European bodies want it banned.

WhatsApp finally launching end-to-end encryption for backups

Users of the messaging app will be pleased to learn that their chat backups will finally be encrypted. Learn more about how it will work and why encryption doesn't necessarily equal complete privacy.

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The difference between AWS and Public CA Certificates

If you use AWS services, you have several encryption options for securing your sites or services. Read about the pros and cons of AWS Certificates and Public CA Certificates and which kind to choose.

Chinese hacking groups accused of coordinating recent cyber attacks

With high-profile hacking incidents and cyber attacks continually on the rise, we take a look at some recent cases where the alleged perpetrators were groups operating out of China. Learn more.

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