Hive HomeShield | Smart Home Security | Setup, Tour & Best Features

  • Hive HomeShield | Smart Home Security | Setup, Tour & Best Features

    The Hive HomeShield is one of the most advanced smart home security setups in 2021, offering remote arming and disarming, smartphone alerts and a range of system devices from sirens and sensors to indoor and outdoor View cameras.

    I've been testing a HomeShield installation for a couple of weeks now and here's a run through of the best features, setup process, View cameras, siren and keypad. Cheers to Hive for sponsoring this video!

    Check out more about Hive HomeShield right here:

    Setting up this home security system is pleasingly simple. Most devices can be added yourself with minimal technical knowledge, helped along by the app and its clear instructions. Some elements like the siren and outdoor camera do require some DIY know-how though, but you can always arrange a professional installation through Hive if you want to.

    The cameras and sensors allow automatic surveillance of your house when you're away or asleep, while you can also manually check on the state of your HomeShield setup. And smart notifications make this a fully-rounded system and worthy security addition to any smart home.

    Hive HomeShield Chapters:
    0:00 - Get on with it baldy!
    0:54 - Ordering your Shield setup
    1:23 - Devices
    2:05 - Installation
    2:48 - Hive app
    4:49 - 2-way comms and siren
    5:17 - Keypad
    5:43 - Adding guests and family
    6:33 - Actions (IFTTT)
    7:06 - Alexa & Google Assistant