Microsoft Surface Duo 2, No OnePlus 9T? | TSW79

  • Microsoft Surface Duo 2, No OnePlus 9T? | TSW79

    The Microsoft Surface Duo 2 is just one of many (many, many) new mobile devices launched this week, alongside the Surface Pro 8, Go 3, etc. Good news for fellow Brits because the Surface Duo 2 is actually releasing in the UK in October, although the £1349 price is not for the faint hearted. Or indeed the empty-pocketed.

    Hopefully a full unboxing and review of that and the Surface Pro 8 coming soon!

    Other tech news this week includes Pete Lau admitting a OnePlus 9T will not be happening this year. So our next OP flagship will be the OnePlus 10 next year. Also, while I can live without a OnePlus 9T, we had confirmation that OxygenOS and ColorOS will be merging in 2022 - inevitable but still sad.

    HMD also unveiled the Nokia G50, a £199 budget 5G smartphone. My hands-on session with that one is live right now. And Roku has launched a new 4K TV streamer, now with faster performance and Dolby Vision support. Review coming soon!

    Tech Spurt Weekly Ep79 Chapters:
    0:00 - Happy intro
    0:37 - Microsoft launch
    1:28 - Surface Pro 8 & Go 3
    2:25 - Surface Duo 2
    3:28 - Nokia G50
    4:20 - Roku 4K 2021
    4:41 - OnePlus 9T no more
    6:08 - Viewer comments