Nokia XR20 Review | Super-Rugged, But At What Cost?

  • Nokia XR20 Review | Super-Rugged, But At What Cost?

    Reviewing the Nokia XR20, one of the toughest smartphones of 2021 at a mid-range £399 price. However, while it can withstand a pummelling, is the Nokia XR20's camera tech, performance, battery life and everyday experience as good as rivals, like the OnePlus Nord 2 and Pixel 4a?

    The highlights of this durable phone include that impressive design, plus the software side. HMD promises three years of OS updates and four security, along with an extended warranty and screen replacement service. You've also got wireless charging, which is rare for a mid-range mobile.

    Sadly you're making some compromises with the Nokia XR20. The camera tech isn't as good as rivals, while the performance also lags behind the Poco F3, OnePlus Nord 2, etc. It's fine for everyday use, but demanding users won't be impressed. Likewise, the display is quite basic, with a lack of OLED action and no fast refresh.

    If you can put up with these limitations and durability is a big one for you, the Nokia XR20 is worth a look. Don''t forget that Doogee also does rugged smartphones however, for a lot less cash - albeit without the update guarantee.

    Nokia XR20 Review Chapters:
    0:00 - Drop it like it's hot
    0:45 - Design
    1:55 - Software & features
    3:42 - Screen & audio
    4:55 - Performance & gaming
    5:57 - Battery life
    6:58 - Camera
    9:03 - Verdict