Onyx Boox Nova Air | Impressive Android e-Reader

  • Onyx Boox Nova Air | Impressive Android e-Reader

    Unboxing the Onyx Boox Nova Air, one of the best premium e-Readers of 2021, with a hands-on review of the various features. This Android book reader is pricey, but boasts full Android app access and supports a great range of file formats. Despite some light ghosting, the Boox Nova Air is ideal for enjoying comics and eBooks, with a top-class lightweight design.

    If you want a versatile e-Reader, this Onyx tablet is one of the top options. Comics and Manga look fantastic on that 7.8-inch screen with 300ppi visuals. You can read CBR, CBZ and PDF files no worries, while books in ePub and Mobi format are also accepted.

    The Boox Nova Air runs Android 10 so you can download apps like Kindle and Audible, for enjoying audio books. All-round impressive stuff, making this one of the best e-Readers in 2021, despite the high asking price.

    Onyx Boox Nova Air Review Chapters:
    0:00 - Boring intro bit
    0:45 - What's in the box?
    1:01 - Design
    2:06 - Boox Nova Air cover
    2:56 - Display
    3:57 - UI and features
    4:35 - Eek a ghost!
    5:19 - More features
    6:42 - Boox stylus
    7:19 - Android apps
    8:00 - Speakers & audio
    8:32 - Battery life
    8:55 - Byeeee