Pixel 5a, Realme GT Master/Explorer Edition, Moto G60S | TSW75

  • Pixel 5a, Realme GT Master/Explorer Edition, Moto G60S | TSW75

    This week saw the launch of Google's Pixel 5a, the Realme GT Master (plus Explorer) Edition and Motorola's Moto G60S, another busy one for smartphones! My unboxing of the GT Master Edition 5G is live now, Explorer following shortly. I'm hoping to review the Moto G60S when samples are available, but the Pixel 5a is US and Japan only sadly!

    Google's latest mid-range phone isn't too different from the Pixel 4a 5G to be honest, with a slightly bigger metal frame and a larger battery being the only real changes. Which does beg the question, why even bother? Here's hoping the Pixel 6 serves up a lot more excitement.

    The Motorola Moto G60S swaggers into frame with a 5000mAh battery boasting 50W fast charging - finally, TurboPower is worthy of that name. You get some solid specs including a headphone jack, microSD support and a 120Hz IPS screen, all for £219 UK.

    You can see my unboxing and hands-on review with the Realme GT Master and Explorer phones here on Tech Spurt (Explorer coming in a day or so). These aren't fully fledged flagship smartphones like the original, but boast strong enough specs to suit quite demanding users, as well as gorgeous AMOLED screens.

    Tech Spurt Weekly Ep75 Chapters:
    0:00 - An intro, an intro, my kingdom for an intro
    0:26 - Google Pixel 5a
    1:20 - Realme GT Master and Explorer
    2:08 - Asus Zephyrus G14 Alan Walker Edition
    2:57 - Motorola Moto G60S
    4:36 - Coros Vertix 2
    5:30 - Viewer comments