Realme GT Master Edition | Unboxing & Full Tour

  • Realme GT Master Edition | Unboxing & Full Tour

    Unboxing the Realme GT Master Edition, which sports more budget-friendly specs than the original flagship phone, but is still a powerful 5G handset through and through. This hands-on review of the Realme GT Master Edition runs through the camera features, tests the gaming chops on Genshin Impact and more. My full Explorer Edition phone unboxing will be live soon too!

    While the standard model sports a Snapdragon 800-series platform, this version runs off a 778G chipset with 8GB RAM. That provides enough power to to get gaming with any Android title out there. The camera tech is also changed up for the Realme GT Master smartphone, but this blower still captures some respectable photos and 4K home movies.

    Battery life is solid, with 65W Super Dart Charge support. And overall, despite the not-quite-flagship specs, this is a very enjoyable handset for more demanding users on a tight budget. UK pricing will be revealed soon!

    Realme GT Master Edition Unboxing Chapters:
    0:00 - Hello my lovelies
    0:44 - What's in the box?
    1:21 - Design
    2:17 - Features & OS
    4:51 - Screen & audio
    6:37 - Performance
    8:56 - Battery
    9:39 - Camera
    11:49 - Byyeeee