Red Magic 6S Pro | Impressive £500 Gaming Smartphone

  • Red Magic 6S Pro | Impressive £500 Gaming Smartphone

    Unboxing the Red Magic 6S Pro from Nubia, with full gaming test, to see how that SD888 Plus chipset handles Android titles like Genshin Impact, PubG and CoDM. Includes benchmarking, battery tests and hands-on review with the Game Space features on the fresh Red Magic 6S Pro.

    This gamer phone lands on September 27 2021, with a price from just over £500 UK. Linky:

    For more on GameBench testing, check out this link:

    While the specs haven't changed much for this model vs the older 6 Pro, you still get an absolutely premium gaming handset for a great mid-range cost. That Snapdragon 888 Plus platform blazes through the most demanding Android games, even on top detail settings. The Red Magic 6S Pro does get a little toasty with Genshin Impact, but the internal fan helps to keep things as cool as possible to avoid throttling.

    The 6.8-inch AMOLED screen is more responsive than ever, with a 165Hz refresh rate. Plus you get a fantastic range of gaming features to keep you winning! Check out my tests with the Black Shark 4 series, ROG Phone 5 and other best smartphones of 2021 for PubG and the rest.

    Red Magic 6S Pro Unboxing & Review Chapters:
    0:00 - Yappity yap
    0:57 - What's in the box?
    1:25 - Design
    3:04 - Red Magic OS
    4:59 - Game Space
    6:19 - Screen & audio
    9:25 - Speed/Gaming test
    10:34 - Cooling
    11:46 - Battery life
    12:46 - Camera
    13:41 - Byyeeeee