Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G Review | Seriously, best mid-range smartphone?

  • Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G Review | Seriously, best mid-range smartphone?

    Reviewing the Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G after a week of personal use, including thorough camera testing, gaming, battery life and beyond. This is one of my favourite mid-range budget-friendly phones of 2021, offering strong specs for the price. So here's my Samsung A52s 5G verdict and check out my reviews of other best affordable phones.

    You get pretty much the same One UI experience here as with those flagship Galaxy S21 blowers, complete with three years of guaranteed Android updates. The quad camera setup is great for everyday shots and home movies - the Galaxy A52s 5G really only falters in low light. As for performance, that's fine thanks to the Snapdragon 778G chipset running the show. Even gaming on Genshin Impact is pretty smooth, so no worries for PubG etc.

    Battery life and media chops are also strong, giving you an excellent alternative to the OnePlus Nord 2, Moto Edge 20 and other handsets! Let me know your own thoughts on Samsung's A52 follow-up below.

    Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G Chapters:
    0:00 - Get on with it!
    0:57 - Design
    1:59 - Features and One UI
    3:21 - Display and audio
    4:41 - Performance
    5:28 - Battery life
    6:00 - Camera
    8:15 - Verdict