Samsung Galaxy M32 Review | Best Budget Samsung Phone

  • Samsung Galaxy M32 Review | Best Budget Samsung Phone

    Reviewing the Samsung Galaxy M32, one of the best value Sammy smartphones in 2021, boasting some dependable camera tech and a full fat One UI experience. You won't find 5G, but features include a crisp AMOLED screen, headphone jack and microSD support. While the Galaxy M32 can even handle light gaming on PubG etc. All for £269 UK.

    Following my unboxing, I've been testing out this Samsung phone for the past week as my full-time device, to find all the quirks and other issues. Overall, I was impressed by what I saw.

    Sure, the camera falters in low light and when you swap to video. But compared with other budget smartphones I've tested, the 64MP primary lens is solid for everyday shots. The Samsung Galaxy M32 survives all day on a single charge, no worries, while the display and audio chops are also great for enjoying movies and music on the go.

    Samsung Galaxy M32 Review Chapters:
    0:00 - Bendy blowers? Nah...
    1:09 - Design
    2:00 - Software & features
    3:15 - Screen & audio
    4:33 - Performance & gaming
    6:18 - Battery life
    6:50 - Camera
    9:15 - Verdict