The 4 Dog Food Ingredients To Avoid | Ask a Vet

  • The 4 Dog Food Ingredients To Avoid | Ask a Vet

    Get educated on the ingredients to look out for at the pet store.

    We all want the best for our furry friend, and today Dr. Gary Richter breaks down the four ingredients in some processed dog foods that he believes are best to stay away from.

    Not every dog food in created equal - and with constant recalls and God knows what going into some manufactured dog foods, it's best to speak to a vet about the what the safest dog food is for your pet. Expensive dog food brands certainly aren't always made with best ingredients. Unfortunately, there are pet food manufacturers, companies and brands out there that let the potential for profit overshadow the wellbeing of your fur baby.

    After all, your pet is your responsibility and there are good reasons to question who makes our pets' food and how they make it. Every dog is different, but staying educated is the best way to protect your dog's health for years to come.

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