Amazon Astro Robot, a.k.a. DOOM BRINGER | TSW80

  • Amazon Astro Robot, a.k.a. DOOM BRINGER | TSW80

    The Amazon launch event was the big news this week, with that Astro robot, Echo Show 15, Glow and a bunch of Ring goodies all revealed on stage. That Amazon Astro bot was certainly the highlight, bringing us humans one step blissfully closer to oblivion. This thing can't conquer stairs like Xiaomi's robot, but it will look super cute as it twirls around in our blood as it seeps from our twitching corpses. I'd like to do an unboxing and review, but there's no UK release date in sight.

    The Amazon Echo Show 15 is one of the few devices from the launch event that IS coming to the UK for certain. This mighty smart display offers smart widgets tailored to your own face, video streaming, Alexa support, all the usual shenanigans.

    Are you excited about the Amazon Astro taking over the Earth, or that Echo Show 15 thing? We also saw the new Halo View, Amazon Glow and loads of Ring shiz, fun times all around.

    Also this week, Vivo launched the X70 Pro and X70 Pro Plus, two premium Android smartphones. They're both well specced although the Plus model offers a performance and camera upgrade, plus a sharper screen and improved design.

    Tech Spurt Weekly Episode 80 Chapters:
    0:00 - 80! What?
    0:39 - Vivo X70 Pro Plus vs Pro
    1:36 - Amazon Astro
    2:24 - Amazon Glow
    3:05 - Amazon Echo Show 15
    3:46 - Kids Plus
    4:18 - Halo View
    5:18 - Viewer comments