Best Budget Chromebook 2021? | HP Chromebook 11a

  • Best Budget Chromebook 2021? | HP Chromebook 11a

    The HP Chromebook 11a is one of the most compact and budget-friendly mini laptops using Chrome OS that I've personally tested. Powered by the MediaTek Kompanio chipset, the HP Chromebook 11a can run apps side-by-side and last all day with some of the best battery life around. Here's a look at some of the best features, and check out my laptop reviews here on Tech Spurt for more ideas!

    You can find out more about MediaTek, who kindly sponsored this video, right here:

    And more on how MediaTek is powering Chromebooks right here:

    The HP 11a is impressively portable, thanks to the 11-inch design and all-day battery performance. That mini keyboard is still comfortable for touch typing, although lacks backlighting, while the IPS screen is great for work as well as saying sod it and binge watching Squid Game.

    The HP Chromebook 11a is available in the UK right now from a variety of retailers, including Curry's PC World.

    HP Chromebook 11a Chapters:
    0:00 - Pointless jabber
    0:55 - Design
    1:09 - Performance
    1:55 - Battery life
    2:18 - Display
    2:38 - Ports
    2:55 - Audio
    3:22 - Camera & mic
    3:40 - Keyboard & touchscreen
    4:17 - Byyyeeee