Google Pixel 6 & Pro Launch | TSW81

  • Google Pixel 6 & Pro Launch | TSW81

    The Google Pixel 6 Pro and standard Pixel 6 flagship smartphone launch was the big tech headline, as October 19 is confirmed as the official date. Stay tuned then for unboxing and review shenanigans with those Android 12 blowers. For now here's a look at the leaked specs, upgraded camera tech and other hot gossip.

    Before the Pixel 6 Pro emerges however, we got to see the new Sky Glass TV, Huawei laptops and more fresh tech. Plus we all had a proper giggle/lost our s**t when Facebook dropped on its arse, leaving its apps unable to harvest all of your data.

    So are you excited about the Pixel 6 duo? Will you be opting for the standard model or the Pro premium flagship with its alleged zoom camera lens? Let me know below!

    Tech Spurt Weekly Ep81 Chapters:
    0:00 - Windmilling?
    0:47 - Sky Glass
    2:04 - Pixel 6 & 6 Pro
    4:05 - Fresh 2021 Huawei Matebooks
    4:25 - Facebook outage
    5:29 - Viewer comments