Google Pixel 6 Review | Should you go Pro?

  • Google Pixel 6 Review | Should you go Pro?

    Reviewing Google's Pixel 6 smartphone after almost two weeks of using it as my full-time mobile. With its upgraded camera hardware and pro features, Tensor performance, bigger battery and Android 12, the Pixel 6 is among the best flagship phones of 2021. The £599 UK price makes it solid value too, and considerably cheaper than the Pro model.

    All eyes are on that big camera bump, featuring a bigger 50MP sensor plus ultra-wide lens. The Google Pixel 6 can capture great looking, natural photos at any time of day, although in low light it does struggle with moving subjects. You can also record 4K video, again with commendable results.

    Google's Tensor chipset helps with the image processing and can handle everyday shenanigans just fine. However, if you're after a slick gaming experience with memory-hogging Android titles, the Pixel 6 Pro is your best bet.

    Battery life is fantastic and I love the new privacy features and Android 12 redesign. Overall, despite common complaints like a lack of headphone jack and expandable storage, the Pixel 6 is a cracking flagship phone and one of my favourites at this upper mid-range price point.

    Pixel 6 Review Chapters:
    0:00 - Pointless waffle
    0:35 - Design
    2:00 - Android 12 & features
    5:19 - Screen & audio
    6:32 - Performance & gaming
    8:53 - Battery life & charging
    10:15 - Camera
    11:57 - Verdict