Google Pixel 6 | Unboxing & Tour

  • Google Pixel 6 | Unboxing & Tour

    Unboxing Google's Pixel 6 flagship smartphone, boasting upgraded camera tech, beefy specs and the same Tensor chipset as the Pro model. This hands-on review takes a look at Android 12 (although some features are off-limits until next Monday), full specification, plus the UK price and release info.

    My in-depth Google Pixel 6 verdict and camera comparison with the Pro is coming on October 25, so please do come back for those, that would be lovely! Ta!

    While not as premium specced as the Pro, this standard flagship phone still delivers a satisfying everyday experience. Battery life seems to be better, while performance is smooth thanks to the Tensor chip. Gaming should be a breeze, from PubG to Genshin Impact. Android 12 is a pleasure, while the dual lens camera boasts an upgraded 50MP primary sensor that's bigger than before.

    The Pixel 6's OLED screen is sharp and bright, with HDR smarts and 90Hz refresh. Storage starts at 128GB, although there's no microSD support - or headphone jack.

    Check back for my full review of Google's 2021 beast, and my hands-on with the Pixel 6 Pro is live right now!

    Google Pixel 6 Unboxing Chapters:
    0:00 - Why won't he just shut up?
    0:40 - What's in the box?
    1:09 - Design
    3:56 - Pixel 6 case
    4:45 - Android 12 & features
    7:48 - Screen & audio
    9:13 - Performance
    10:10 - Battery
    10:46 - Camera specs & features
    11:53 - Byyyeeeee