HTC Vive Flow VR | Virtual Reality Glasses Face-On Review

  • HTC Vive Flow VR | Virtual Reality Glasses Face-On Review

    The HTC Vive Flow is a new VR glasses headset that can stream content from your Android smartphone, supporting virtual reality experiences and games. Like the Oculus Quest 2, the Flow is standalone so no tethering - although you do need an external power source.

    I've had a hands-on (or face-on) review of the HTC Vive Flow, so here's my early impression of this VR set and all the main specs etc.

    If you're after a portable virtual reality setup, then this is one of the best options out there - although it's not cheap. We're talking half a grand in the UK, so more expensive than its Oculus rival. However, the HTC Vive Flow does boast some impressive features including a sharp display that can be focused to counter short and long sightedness.

    You can stream a variety of VR content from your Android phone, using your blower as a controller to boot.

    HTC Vive Flow Chapters:
    0:00 - Banging on
    0:40 - Design
    1:49 - Screen & audio
    3:15 - Android VR streaming
    4:36 - Viveport Infinity Vista
    5:02 - More specs & battery
    5:53 - Summary