Nokia T20 Unboxing & Full Tour | Best Budget Android Tablet?

  • Nokia T20 Unboxing & Full Tour | Best Budget Android Tablet?

    Unboxing the Nokia T20 tablet, one of the best value budget Android tabs in 2021, and strong rival to Amazon's Fire HD. This hands-on review covers the 10-inch slate's specs, battery life, performance (including gaming) and more.

    The Nokia T20 is released in the UK today, and can be grabbed for a price of just £179 for the WiFI model. For £199 you can snaffle the WiFi and LTE tablet, with up to 4G connectivity on the move.

    This stock Android tab boasts two years of OS updates and three for security, while offering a cleaner UI than Amazon's Fire rivals. For that budget price you get a 10-inch 2000x1200 IPS display that's good for video playback and photo browsing. The Nokia T20's stereo speaker setup is respectable if not too loud, while the 64GB storage can be expanded with microSD.

    Specs also include a 5MP front camera and 8MP rear, plus a Unisoc chipset that can handle light gaming. The energy efficiency of that chip means the T20 can keep going all day as well.

    Nokia T20 Unboxing Chapters:
    0:00 - Another rubbish intro
    0:58 - What's in the box?
    1:18 - Design
    2:27 - Case accessory
    3:02 - Android & features
    4:52 - Display & audio
    6:20 - Cameras
    7:05 - Performance & gaming
    7:46 - Battery life
    8:30 - Byyeeee