TCL 20 R 5G Unboxing & Full Tour | Super-Budget 5G Phone

  • TCL 20 R 5G Unboxing & Full Tour | Super-Budget 5G Phone

    Unboxing the TCL 20 R 5G, one of the most affordable 5G smartphones in 2021 at just £179 UK. This hands-on review tests out the camera tech, gaming chops, specs and software of the TCL 20 R 5G to see if it's also one of the best budget phones around.

    That triple lens camera tech is basic, so you'll struggle in tricky light and with moving subjects indoors. I also wasn't a fan of the tinny mono speaker, but besides that the TCL 20 R 5G offers solid value for your cash. Battery life is respectable while performance is decent thanks to the MediaTek Dimensity 700 chipset. Gamers can blaze through PubG and CoDM no worries.

    You've got a 6.5-inch IPS screen with 90Hz refresh, plus TCL's NxtVision tech (which doesn't seem to help much with lower res video etc). The fingerprint sensor works a treat, as does the face unlock.

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    TCL 20 R 5G Unboxing Chapters:
    0:00 - Blah blah
    0:39 - What's in the box?
    0:56 - Design
    2:30 - TCL UI 3.0 & Features
    4:52 - Display & audio
    6:47 - Performance & gaming test
    8:13 - Battery
    8:50 - Camera
    10:30 - Byyyeeeee