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Start 2022 knowing how to protect yourself from the latest cyber threats & save on your next SSL.
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The holidays are almost over, and we're facing a brand new year — and with that comes resolutions. While we can't guarantee that 2022 will be any better than 2021, we can at least resolve to arm you with the knowledge to keep yourself safe online. To that end, in this month's newsletter, you can read about cookie theft, social engineering, sim swapping, and how to protect yourself from all of the above.

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How Google disrupted a massive phishing campaign against YouTubers

Hackers had been targeting YouTubers with Cookie Theft malware since 2019, sneakily impersonating real businesses and offering fake sponsorships. Here's what Google did to combat it.

Social engineering and how to protect yourself

Because of the personalized nature of social engineering, it can often be harder to spot than other kinds of hacking attempts. The fact that it can take many forms doesn't make it easier. Find out common types of social engineering and how to protect yourself.

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SIM swapper who stole over $16K in crypto pleads guilty to aggravated identity theft

In other cyber threats you probably didn't know existed, we cover the story of some young men who face prison for their part in a "SIM swap" and cryptocurrency theft scheme. Learn what happened, what sim swapping is, and how to stop yourself from becoming a victim.

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This newsletter issue was written and researched by Cora Quigley.

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