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App privacy violations have recently been a hot topic, and this month is no exception. Our blog roundup starts with how Tim Hortons is the latest company accused of shady app practices. After that, we get a little educational. Ever wondered about what exactly Web3 and Zero Trust Network Architecture involve? We've got you covered. Then round things off by learning the best way to secure your email server. As always, scroll to the end for a great SSL deal.

Tim Hortons under fire for app privacy violations

Canada's Privacy Commissioner has accused coffee chain Tim Hortons of spying on its customers via an app. The investigation was triggered by an article in The Financial Times where a journalist tracked how many times the app tracked him (spoiler ⁠— a lot). Read more.

What is Web3, and how does it work?

Is Web3 the future, or is it just a buzzword? And what exactly is it? In this blog, we go through the ins and outs of Web3, what people envision for it, as well as a few common critiques. Learn all about it.

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What Is Zero Trust Network Architecture

Over the past few years, security experts have recommended moving away from traditional security models to protect network perimeters to adopt a Zero Trust approach instead. Read the article to find out why.

7 tips for securing your email server

Poor email server security can result in stolen data, complaints against your IP address and domains, and maybe even being banned from ISPs and mailbox providers. Avoid these worst-case scenarios by following these 7 best practices.

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