ICYMI: Galaxies Colliding, Gravestones, Ghostly Stars & More

Your weekend recap has arrived.
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A lot happened over the last few days — here's your Monday recap of all the wild stories you may have missed this weekend.


  • Woman cooking recipes engraved on gravestones says they're all 'to die for' — Happy Halloween
  • Watch galaxies collide in stunning new webb telescope image — Witness it
  • Question: Are we living under 'technofeudalism'? — Find out
  • To celebrate Halloween, here is a photo of the 'ghostly remains' of a gigantic star — See the spooky remains
  • Automakers are going all-in on gaming to keep us in our cars — Your back will not thank you


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  • The $2 Million Puzzle is back and this 4-pack is the best way to increase your chances of winning —Good luck
  • Getting healthier means changing your lifestyle. Noom Weight helps users lose weight in a sustainable way through behavioral change psychology —It's a no‑brainer
  • Run a lot? Stand at work? Start healing your legs and relieve inflammation with this state-of-the-art heat compression therapy set — Fix those legs


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