ICYMI: Moon Seeds, Helium Shortage, Organ Transplants & More

Your weekend recap has arrived.
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A lot happened over the last few days — here's your Monday recap of all the wild stories you may have missed this weekend.


  • Seeds launching to the moon in 2025 will test plant resilience. Yes, we'll finally have that moon garden we've always wanted — Learn more
  • Speaking of the moon: Japanese lunar company ispace aims to launch first cargo mission to the moon next month to supply the likes of companies like SpaceX and governments by deliveries rovers and more — Launch this story
  • 'The World is Running Out of Helium, Worrying Doctors' which helps explain why the world is getting less and less funny everyday — Laugh on
  • Record labels say AI music generators threaten music industry and the artists whose music is training said AI are not too happy about it either — Face the music
  • The cutting-edge cellular therapies aiming to ease America's organ shortage, meaning one day, a complicated organ transplant could become a simple outpatient procedure — See how they're innovating


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