ICYMI: (Possible) HIV Cure, Waking Alien Organisms, Biofuel & More

Your weekend recap has arrived.
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A lot happened over the last few days — here's your Monday recap of all the wild stories you may have missed this weekend.


  • We all kinda knew it but a lot of didn't want to admit it, but yeah, eating insects can be good for the planet — Chew on that for a bit
  • Purdue University researchers have found what they call the "secret ingredient for building life" which sounds very important — Find out what it is
  • With the power of Crispr gene editing, scientists believe they can cure HIV and, in fact, have already begun tests — Learn more
  • The key to awakening dormant, extraterrestrial organisms on other planets might lie in undead bacteria. Sounds like a lot, we know — Just click here to learn more
  • Trying to measure biofuel's effects on the planet (and agriculture specifically) is a difficult task, but some scientists are figuring it out — See what they're learning


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  • Become an expert on artificial intelligence with this complete set of AI learning ebooks for 93% off —Master AI today
  • Getting healthier means changing your lifestyle; Noom Weight helps users lose weight in a sustainable way through behavioral change psychology — It's a no‑brainer
  • Nobody likes going to the dentist if your teeth aren't the best they could be, but now they can be with a Sonic electric toothbrush with 8 extra toothbrush heads — Brush your pain away


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