ICYMI: FTX, Overpopulation, Ukraine & More

Your weekend recap has arrived.
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A lot happened over the last few days — here's your Monday recap of all the wild stories you may have missed this weekend.


  • Rooftop solar is becoming more accessible to people with lower incomes, but not fast enough — Read more
  • As FTX sinks, other crypto exchanges are showing their coins — See what's happening
  • This week, the world's population ticks over a historic milestone. But in the next century, society will be reshaped dramatically and soon we'll hit a decline we'll never reverse — What is that decline?
  • They made a material that doesn't exist on Earth. That's only the start of the story — Get the rest of the story
  • How an international volunteer army of hackers, working from their homes, have helped the Ukrainian military effort against Russia, and shown a new 21st-century way of warfare — Hack away


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