Seance, anyone?

Plus: Parasitic nutrition
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In today's edition:

// New York under the sea

// Tiny houses

// Egg allergies

// Talking to the dead

How this tiny house leverages nature for optimal cooling | New Atlas

"Colombian architectural firm PAE has created an open-air tiny house that is built into the lush hillside of Anapoima, Colombia. Dubbed Casa Caoba, the home is nestled amid a pre-existing mango grove, and boasts a minimalist design that embraces the the lush outdoor setting. Positioned 900 meters (2,953 ft) above sea level, the home is constructed on a stone foundation that conforms to the steep terrain of the plot."

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New York City is sinking due to weight of its skyscrapers, new research finds | The Guardian

"This sinking is exacerbating the impact of sea level rise which is accelerating at around twice the global average as the world's glaciers melt away and seawater expands due to global heating. The water that flanks New York City has risen by about 9in, or 22cm, since 1950 and major flooding events from storms could be up to four times more frequent than now by the end of the century due to the combination of sea level rise and hurricanes strengthened by climate change."

Allergic to eggs? Not these eggs | Gizmodo

"Not only do the edited eggs lack an important allergen, they also seem to be without any unintended, potentially harmful related byproducts. In other words: knocking out the allergy-causing gene doesn't appear to create additional, dangerous mutations. The modified chicken eggs are safe to eat, say the study scientists."

How to make your life better with AI | AI Tool Report

AI doesn't have to be scary. In fact, it can help you do things like have more free-time or help you automate your life. You can use prompts to help you plan how to learn a new skill or utilize a tool that will streamline your business so that you can have time to do things like creative work and make more money. AI can help, we swear, and this is how. [Ad]

AI company says it'll perform a seance on your dead loved ones | Futurism

Seance AI is "built by a software development lab called AE Studio, where its creator, a designer named Jarren Rocks, isn't shy about the straightforwardness of the product's name. While other companies often talk around any implication of resurrection, Rocks leans full-tilt into the ghoulishness — and according to him, it's very intentional.

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//Quiz: Which of the following organisms consume their food via parasitic nutrition?

Which of the following organisms consume their food via parasitic nutrition?

High-school science throwback.