Flamethrower robot dogs

Plus: Squirrel what?
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In today's edition:

// Flamethrower robot dogs

// Volcano-produced lightning

// Strong tape

// The ozone

Hunga Volcano eruption produced record-breaking lightning show | New Atlas

“The eruption of Tonga’s Hunga Volcano on January 15, 2022, lasted at least 11 hours and produced a record-breaking amount of lightning. The information gathered about the eruption can be used to better monitor aviation-related hazards arising from these sorts of eruptions.”

How to make your life better with AI | AI Tool Report

AI doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, it can help you do things like have more free-time or help you automate your life. You can use prompts to help you plan how to learn a new skill or utilize a tool that will streamline your business so that you can have time to do things like creative work and make more money. AI can help, we swear, and this is how. [Ad]

This illusive form of oxygen is critical to life on Earth | Inverse

“The evolution of Earth’s climate contains many components. And new research has shown just how critical the ozone layer is to the surface temperature of the Earth. Without an ozone layer, our planet would be 3.5 Kelvin cooler.”

Clever design makes sticky tape that's strong but easily removed | NewScientist

“There are two main types of adhesives: strong ones that are hard to remove, such as duct tape, and those that can be easily peeled off, such as sticky notes. What is missing is an adhesive that combines the properties of the two – one that is robust but easily removed when needed, says Michael Bartlett at Virginia Tech. Bartlett and his colleagues have come up with a solution based on kirigami. “Our inspiration was to use the geometry, or the cutting of the tape, to control its properties without having to redesign the chemistry,” he says.”

Nothing like a great canvas print | Easy Canvas Prints

We’re serious. Ever receive a great canvas print of a cherished moment in your life? There’s nothing quite like it, right? Now, you can give the gift of easy canvas prints with, you guessed it, Easy Canvas Prints. Submit the artwork, choose how you want to print it (Framed art? Canvas? What size? Do you want to print on a mug or mousepad as well?) Give the gift of a beautifully realized moment captured on a lovely canvas print. [Ad]

Great, they’re putting flamethrowers on robot dogs now | The Byte

“A company called Throwflame is selling a robot dog that has a flamethrower strapped to its back, which can shoot terrifying, 30-foot streams of fire. It's called the ‘Thermonator’ — and it looks like a disaster waiting to happen if it were to fall into the wrong hands. ‘Thermonator is the first-ever flamethrower-wielding robot dog,’ reads the company's product description, adding that it can ‘deliver on-demand fire anywhere!’”

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//Quiz: Squirrel, Proboscis, and Tamarin are types of which animal?

Squirrel, Proboscis, and Tamarin are types of which animal?

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