What if AI gets smarter than us?

Plus: Haley Joel Osment vibes
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In today's edition:

// That scene from Star Wars but real

// Jurassic Park when?

// A floating city

// The singularity

Will we ever get a Jurassic Park? | IFLScience

"Unfortunately for any wealthy philanthropists who are reading this with an aim to founding a dinosaur island of their own, the science of Jurassic Park falters even at this early stage – and there are plenty more roadblocks the further you keep going. But just how close to, uh, finding a way has cloning technology made it?"

Transform your side hustle | LoopGenius

Transform your side hustle into a thriving venture with LoopGenius. In just 30 seconds, generate a vibrant landing page, target your perfect audience, and let our AI-powered Loops do the heavy lifting of customer attraction, all with a simple click. [Ad]

Hugely ambitious self-sufficient floating city to host 40,000 people | New Atlas

"Japan's N-Ark has revealed plans for an incredibly ambitious floating city that would host tourism, medical facilities, and even space rockets. Named Dogen City, it would be designed to take any climate change-related sea rises in its stride and provide power, food and water for up to 40,000 people."

What happens if AI grows smarter than humans? The answer worries scientists | Popular Science

"...the idea of an artificially created entity that can surpass—or at least match—human capabilities is no longer the domain of speculators and authors. Ranks of AI researchers and tech investors are seeking what they call artificial general intelligence (AGI): an entity capable of human-level performance at all kinds of intellectual tasks. If humans produce a successful AGI, some researchers now believe, "the end of the human era" will no longer be a vague, distant possibility."

The world of RAID is expanding | RAID by Plarium

Celebrate the release of RAID's new YouTube series, Call of the Arbiter, by signing up for the #1 ranked RPG of 2023 and getting the new Legendary Champion Artak for free. For those who aren't familiar with RAID: Sign up for the hottest RPG of the year and get a brand new free character who is super cool and awesome and be sure to check out their hot new YouTube series all by clicking below. [Ad]

New exoplanet discovery sparks hope of hidden 'Tatooines' | CBC

"A new discovery of a faraway planet, published today in the journal Nature Astronomy, is bringing more science to what was once the realm of science fiction. The new exoplanet, TOI-1338/BEBOP-1c, is a gas giant 65 times the size of Earth and more than 1,300 light years away in a binary star syste — where two suns revolve around each other."

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//Quiz: Beyond our basic five senses, what two other senses do we have that people often don't think about?

Beyond our basic five senses, what two other senses do we have that people often don't think about?

Starting with the above GIF, cue obligatory, over-20-years-old Sixth Sense jokes.