Your marketing team is (probably) safe

Plus: Yacht rock
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In today's edition:

// Wine

// Cancer treatment

// Self-improving bots

// AI v. marketing teams

90% of patients respond to new blood cancer treatment in trial | Freethink

"A new cancer therapy developed at Jerusalem's Hadassah-University Medical Center had a 90% response rate in a new clinical trial, with over half of patients going into total remission. The CAR-T therapy — which arms the body's own immune cells to fight cancer — was able to send multiple myeloma, an extremely deadly cancer that impacts the immune system, into remission."

Foot pain no more | Kuru

Your lower back probably hurts right now, doesn't it? That means your shins and legs maybe haven't felt amazing lately. Therefore, we're guessing your feet have been a little on the painful side too. Foot pain, back pain, leg pain — it's all connected and it all starts with your feet. Luckily for you, our friends at Kuru invented footwear designed to help get rid of foot pain forever. It also doesn't hurt that the shoes look awesome. [Ad]

DeepMind's new self-improving robot is quick to adapt and learn fresh skills | Singularity Hub

"In new results, researchers at DeepMind showed that a transformer-based AI called RoboCat can not only learn a wide range of skills, it can also readily switch between different robotic bodies and pick up new skills much faster than normal. Perhaps most significantly, it's able to accelerate its learning by generating its own training data."

Can AI help drinkers buy a better bottle of wine? | BBC

"...And so the idea for US-based Sippd was born, with the app launching in the States in 2021. While other wine recommendation apps are now increasingly incorporating AI, such as market leader Vivino, the difference with Sippd is that it was based on the technology from the very beginning."

From COVID-19 tests to water tests and beyond | Easy Test Hub

Since the pandemic began, the at-home health (and otherwise) testing market has boomed. So, Easy Test Hub got all of the best tests together in one big directory. Find the best at-home thyroid test kits, pet allergy tests, paternity tests, and more all in one place. [Ad]

ChatGPT Isn't Coming for Your Marketing Business | Inc

"Though we can't deny the reality that generative AI is going to have an impact on the way marketing and media companies operate, it's far from game over. By employing a "first principles" approach we can unpack the hype surrounding generative AI to get a more realistic picture of what the future will hold for the media and marketing industries."

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//Quiz: What is the only rock that floats?

What is the only rock that floats?

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