Strange two-faced zombie star

Plus: Interstellar
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In today's edition:

// New teeth

// Climate change

// Chemical cocktails

// Zombie star

‘We are damned fools’: scientist who sounded climate alarm in 80s warns of worse to come | The Guardian

“The world is shifting towards a superheated climate not seen in the past 1m years, prior to human existence, because ‘we are damned fools’ for not acting upon warnings over the climate crisis, according to James Hansen, the US scientist who alerted the world to the greenhouse effect in the 1980s.”

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Humans may soon grow new teeth, with promising drug trial set | New Atlas

“A clinical trial scheduled for July 2024 will initially be for participants with tooth agenesis, a genetic condition that results in the absence of teeth, but the scientists have a view to making the treatment available for general use by as soon as 2030.”

Harvard/MIT scientists claim new ‘chemical cocktails’ can reverse aging | Neoscope

“Stop us if you've heard this sci-fi concept before: a cocktail of specialized chemicals that rejuvenates your whole body, from your eyes to your brain, returning everything to a more youthful state.


If that sounds like the stuff of literal myth — or a grossly misfired directorial attempt by the Wachowskis — you're right to be skeptical. Quacks have a lot to gain from convincing consumers to buy miracle cures, nevermind convincing billionaires to underwrite research into them; the reality, though, is that effective life-extension treatments have remained elusive.”

Save up to $2,000 on all flights for life | Dollar Flight Club

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Astronomers find a strange two-faced zombie star | Inverse

“While researcher Ilaria Caiazzo was searching for signs of white dwarfs that may have recently merged together (dim stars that rotated, were magnetized, and varied in brightness), she found ZTF J203349.8+322901.1 — and noticed something weird. It appeared to have one side with a surface consisting of hydrogen, while the other side’s surface consisted of helium.”

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//Quiz: In the film Interstellar, from what does the crew aboard the Endurance experience?

In the film Interstellar, from what does the crew aboard the Endurance experience?

Other than a sprawling and complicated science fiction classic, of course.