Mars keeps spinning faster

Plus: The speed of light
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// This is Not Financial Advice

// Mars’ shorter days

// The truth about LK-99

// Cells into stem cells

How to reprogram a cell into a stem cell? Wipe its memory | Interesting Engineering

“Stem cells, serving as a repair system for our body, generate all other cells with specialized functions. There are two main types of stem cells: embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells.


In a scientific advancement in the 2000s, it was discovered that somatic cells, which are responsible for the growth and development of an organism, could be artificially reprogrammed into a state that resembles embryonic stem (ES) cells, also known as induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells. These cells can then generate any cell in the body.


And now, a team of Australian researchers has developed a new method to reprogram human cells to better mimic ES cells, with significant implications for biomedical and therapeutic uses, as per a press release from Monash University.”

Elite performance and longevity, powered by your data | Fount

Fount brings elite-level performance optimization and longevity strategies to you, without the gimmicks or hype. Leveraging proven methods based on our work with Special Operations and top-tier athletes, we analyze your bloodwork, wearable data, and lifestyle factors to craft tailored plans. Our focus encompasses sleep, nutrition, custom supplements, hormone balance, longevity, and stress resilience. Begin a 4-month comprehensive life transformation starting at $2,499/mo. [Ad]

LK-99 isn’t a superconductor — how science sleuths solved the mystery | Nature

“Researchers seem to have solved the puzzle of LK-99. Scientific detective work has unearthed evidence that the material is not a superconductor, and clarified its actual properties.


The conclusion dashes hopes that LK-99 — a compound of copper, lead, phosphorus and oxygen — would prove to be the first superconductor that works at room temperature and ambient pressure. Instead, studies have shown that impurities in the material — in particular, copper sulfide — were responsible for sharp drops in its electrical resistivity and a display of partial levitation over a magnet, properties similar to those exhibited by superconductors.”

Mars is accelerating its spin, according to data from a defunct NASA mission | Inverse

“NASA recently announced that Mars is spinning faster and its days have shortened.


Five years ago, NASA placed a revolutionary mission on the surface of Mars called InSight. It has since died, after Martian dust covered InSight’s solar panels and cut off its energy. Nevertheless, data gathered in its primary and extended missions continues to reveal new traits of the Red Planet.”

Visible+: Your new favorite mobile plan | Visible+

Imagine a world where your mobile data plan has no contract and no hidden fees. Imagine a world where it covers 99% of the population thanks to Verizon’s award-winning 5G and 4G LTE networks. Imagine a world where, for only $45 per month, you can get all of that and unlimited talk and text to and within Mexico and Canada. Imagine $10 off Verizon home internet every month — okay, okay, now stop imagining, because, with Visible+, you can have all of that and more. Throw away your old plan and, with promo code VISIBLE35, get $10 off per month when you bring your own phone. [Ad]

Low interest rates and loneliness: the origins of the pandemic crypto boom | The Verge

“Unlike some other efforts to document the boom of retail investing, This Is Not Financial Advice isn’t a cheap content grab. This beautifully shot and scored documentary from Chris Temple and Zach Ingrasci is a genuine, if slightly naive, piece of art.”

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//Quiz: What is the speed of light in a vacuum?

What is the speed of light in a vacuum?

And no, “really, really fast” won’t suffice.