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In today's edition:

// Superconductor

// A fifth force of nature

// Carbon removal

// Black hole imaging

The US just invested more than $1 billion in carbon removal | MIT Technology Review

"The US Department of Energy announced today that it's providing $1.2 billion to develop regional hubs that can draw down and store away at least 1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide per year as a means of combating climate change.

The move represents a major step forward in the effort to establish a market for removing the planet-warming greenhouse gas from the atmosphere, using what are known as direct air capture (DAC) machines."

Automate the boring stuff, live the fun stuff | AI Tool Report

Don't you want to learn how to leverage AI so that you can automate all the boring things in your life, like finances and work? That way, you can focus on important things like family, travel, or just sitting down and reading a book. Life's too short not to automate most of it. [Ad]

'Event Horizon Explorer' could transform black hole imaging | Interesting Engineering

"About four years ago, a group of international researchers, unveiled to the world the first-ever image of an enigmatic black hole at the center of the galaxy Messier 87. The image took the world by storm, marking a significant achievement in the field of astronomy as it was previously regarded to be 'unimaginable.' Using this major accomplishment as a springboard, the group led by the Center for Astrophysics - Harvard and Smithsonian (CfA), is now preparing something much greater in order to uncover the mysterious nature of black holes."

Scientists may be on brink of discovering fifth force of nature | The Guardian

"According to current understanding, there are four fundamental forces in nature, three of which – the electromagnetic force and the strong and weak nuclear forces – are explained by the standard model of particle physics. However, the model does not explain the other known fundamental force, gravity, or dark matter – a strange and mysterious substance thought to make up about 27% of the universe. Now researchers have said there could be another, fifth, fundamental force of nature."

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Is that viral 'superconductor' legit? | The Verge

"'With a great deal of sadness, we now believe that the game is over. LK99 is NOT a superconductor, not even at room temperatures (or at very low temperatures). It is a very highly resistive poor quality material. Period. No point in fighting with the truth,' the University of Maryland's Condensed Matter Theory Center (CMTC) posted on August 7th."

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//Quiz: True or false: Fingernails grow faster on the hand you write with.

True or false: Fingernails grow faster on the hand you write with.

Try looking at your hands — do you notice?