1,000-year-old 'alien corpses' displayed in Mexico

Plus, NASA says the Cosmic Question Mark is not a hoax!
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In today's edition:

// Digital passport

// Freeze ray

// 1000-year-old aliens

// Question mark in space

Plasma pulses promise real-life 'freeze ray' | New Atlas

“A team of scientists led by University of Virginia professor Patrick Hopkins is developing a plasma ‘freeze ray’ that will be less interesting to super villains than to engineers looking for ways to cool electronics in the vacuum of space.


A new development in plasma physics is so promising when it comes to delivering a practical freeze ray that the US Air Force has awarded Hopkins' Experiments and Simulations in Thermal Engineering ExSiTE Lab US$750,000 for a three-year project to develop the technology to its full potential. Hopkins' UVA spinout company, Laser Thermal, will build a prototype.”

Unlock the power of the top 3% | Toptal

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1,000 year-old 'alien corpses' displayed in glass cases in Mexico | Sky News

“A journalist and UFO enthusiast spearheaded the event and testified under oath and told politicians in Mexico about the estimated age of the mummified specimens and the techniques used by scientists to examine them.


The mummified specimens were displayed in glass cases as part of an official unveiling at Mexico's Congress in a hearing which has stirred excitement among UFO (unidentified flying object) enthusiasts.


Politicians were told they were found in the city of Cusco, Peru, and were estimated to be 1,000 years old.”

Europe is testing the world’s first digital passport in Finland | Forbes

“For the first time, a nation is allowing travelers to cross its border with a digital passport on their smartphone instead of a physical passport. While the trial is happening in Finland, the European Union wants at least 80% of citizens in the 27-country bloc to be using a digital ID by 2030.


The pilot program, which started at the end of August, is available only to Finnish citizens. It is running at Helsinki Airport as a partnership between Finnair, airport operator Finavia and the Finnish police. Through the end of February 2024, Finnair passengers flying to and from three United Kingdom airports can pass through border control using new voluntary ‘Digital Travel Credential’ (DTC).


Raja, the Finnish Border Guard, says travelers using the new digital credentials can ‘pass through border control faster and smoother than usual without queuing.’”

Elite performance and longevity, powered by your data | Fount

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The truth behind the JWST photo of a question mark in space | DW

“Scientists spotted the shape of a question mark hidden in a deep-space image captured by the James Webb Space Telescope.


They couldn't have been more emphatic: ‘This is not a hoax,’ the European Space Agency told DW when we asked. But can you blame us for checking?


This ‘question mark’ that's been spotted by the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)1,470 light years from our planet has got to be the most meme-like chance finding since the spacecraft launched on December 25, 2021.”

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