Switzerland is getting a whole eco district!

Plus, save the planet — turn off your Zoom cam.
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What's considered to be the first robot ever made?

Hint: Not Cyberdyne Systems Model 101, also known as the T-800.


(Scroll to the bottom for the answer!)

You have a good excuse to turn off your camera during Zoom meetings—it’s better for the environment | FastCompany

“If you have Zoom fatigue, you’re not alone. But now you have a good reason to keep your camera off during a Zoom call: You’re doing your part to save the planet. … According to one study, leaving your camera off reduces the carbon footprint of a videoconferencing session by up to 96%.”

Career need a boost? Learning Python could be the key to your next move | StackSocial

Whether you're starting out or leveling up, this collection of online courses can help you unlock the power of Python. Prep to ace the PCEP certification exam, explore Django core, harness the power of Web3 automation, and gain Python skills you can apply to data analysis, machine learning, game development, and more. Enroll now — this bundle is price dropped through 9/30 to just $10. [Ad]

The psychological reason you fancy your best friend’s partner | IFLScience

“At some point in our lives, many of us may have looked at the partner of a good friend and been very understanding about their reasons for liking them. Maybe too understanding in some cases. If that’s you, then you’re not alone, as this is a classified psychological phenomenon known as ‘mimetic desire’.”

Are Gen Z more susceptible to online scams than Baby Boomers? | Digital Information World

“According to a recent survey conducted by Deloitte, Americans that belonged to gen Z, which is to say people born between the 1990s and the 2010s, had triple the likelihood of getting scammed as baby boomers. A report on catfishing scams also revealed that people under the age of 20 lost a whopping $210 million in 2022 alone through various scams. This is several times more than the $8.2 million that was reported in 2017 with all things having been considered and taken into account.”

Give yourself a break with Constant Contact | Constant Contact

Tired of staring at a blank page, struggling to find the right words to connect with your audience? Constant Contact’s AI content generator can banish writer’s block for good. Think of the time you’ll save crafting the perfect copy for marketing campaigns while increasing your open rates, without breaking a sweat. Say goodbye to the frustration of content creation and hello to more time doing what you love with who you love. [Ad]

Lush "eco district" showcases ambitious approach to sustainability | New Atlas

“Vincent Callebaut Architectures (VCA) has revealed plans for a new ‘eco district’ in Switzerland. As we've come to expect from the visionary Belgian architect, the project is defined by an ambitious approach to sustainable design, including a remarkable amount of greenery.”

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Trivia Answer: The steam-powered pigeon of Archytas – the flying machine of antiquity

Trivia Answer: The steam-powered pigeon of Archytas – the flying machine of antiquity

From the Ancient Origins page: “Archytas was an ancient Greek philosopher, who was born in 428 BC in Tarentum, Magna Graecia, now southern Italy. In addition to being a philosopher, Archytas was also a mathematician, astronomer, statesman, and a strategist, best remembered for inventing what is believed to be the first-ever self-propelled flying device known as the Flying Pigeon.”