What’s the fediverse?

Plus: Energy
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In today's edition:

// The Fediverse

// Surgical nightmare

// De-railings

// How astronauts can sleep better

New bullet trains misfire on old U.S. railroad tracks | E&E News

“The first U.S.-made high-speed “bullet” trains will start running as early as 2024 between Boston, New York and Washington, with the promise of cutting transportation emissions by attracting new rail passengers who now drive or fly.


But Amtrak’s plan to run high-speed rail service on its Northeast Corridor faces a major obstacle — the 450-mile route does not have modern tracks that can handle the speed.”

The AI Tool Report just wants to make your life easier

Do you know how things like budgets, finances, your job, and other tasks take up way too much time? Oh, you do? Of course you do, you’re human! And as a human, you deserve to live your life to the fullest. That’s where the AI Tool Report comes in. It’s a daily newsletter that gives you all the tools and hacks to let AI take the wheel and automate all the stuff you need to automate so you can, as we mentioned above, live your life. [Ad]

Sleeping on the ISS isn't easy. This lamp for astronauts could help | Space.com

“We humans have enough trouble keeping our sleep schedules aligned with sunrise and sunset on Earth — so one can only imagine what it must be like trying to get a good night’s rest on the International Space Station (ISS). Not only does the orbiting laboratory make a lap around our planet once every 90 minutes, meaning astronauts onboard experience a whopping 16 sunrises and sunsets every single day, but its inhabitants are constantly weightless.”

Doctors discover instrument left in patient’s body for 18 months after surgery | Neoscope

“Today in nightmare fuel, we have a curious case out of New Zealand in which an unnamed patient's doctors found a surgical instrument the size of a dinner plate inside her abdomen — a whopping 18 months after the initial surgery during which it was apparently misplaced.”

‘Adventure’ is this sock’s middle name | Bombas

Get your yearly fall refresh with Bombas today by shopping new adventure socks that are a surefire way to make those fall excursions comfortable. Merino Wool is a natural fiber that's incredibly soft, moisture-wicking, and will keep you warm over these fall months. Bombas took their trademark super yarn and blended it with a little bit of polyester and spandex to help perfect the fit of every pair and create the built-in arch support so many feet now know and love. And as always, 1 item purchased = 1 item donated to those in need. [Ad]

What is the fediverse — and how might it affect creators? | Mashable

“Imagine a world in which there are no such things as ‘Instagram followers’ or ‘Facebook friends.’ Instead, all of your followers on one platform are also all of your followers on another. Each app would still have its strengths and weaknesses, moderation policies, and tools — but you would have the same audience and you'd follow the same accounts, no matter what platform you choose to use.”

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//Quiz: What reaction releases energy into its surroundings?

What reaction releases energy into its surroundings?

And no, the answer isn’t, “Whenever I enter the room and release good vibes.”