DALL-E slides into the Bing chat

Plus, 3D printing galore.
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The Internet vs. FEMA



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Stanford to bioprint human hearts for implantation into live pigs | New Atlas

“Organ transplants can save lives, but they’re plagued by long waiting lists and high chances of rejection. In a major step towards creating new organs on demand, Stanford scientists have now received a contract and funding for experiments to 3D print human hearts and implant them into live pigs.”

MS Office | StackSocial

We know you’ve heard of Microsoft Office, and we know that you know why it’s such a popular software suite. Classic apps with familiar user interfaces? Yep. Offline, cloud-free access? Yep. Pay once and keep them all for life? Yes and yes. Just $32.97 gets you and your Windows computer eight of the web’s best productivity apps for life: no subscriptions, no recurring fees, no joke. See for yourself if the hype is worth it when it comes to this best-selling bundle. (We certainly think it is.) [Ad]

Webb telescope snaps some of its largest images, and they're majestic | Mashable

“Researchers have released new wide-angle views of the Orion Nebula that could enrich our understanding of star evolution. Two images are some of the largest mosaics from Webb so far. The new Webb data have uncovered hundreds of free-floating worlds in the nebula, not orbiting stars, the smallest of which are two times the mass of Saturn, according to ESA (European Space Agency).”

OpenAI quietly ships DALL-E 3 AI image generator upgrade In Bing | Decrypt

“Ten days after it was announced, DALL-E 3 appears to have already been made available to the public through Microsoft's Image Creator tool as part of its browser-based AI suite. … Early Saturday morning, digital art creator communities on Reddit and Twitter discovered significantly improved images and text interpretation capabilities were available through Bing.”

Unlock the power of the top 3% | Toptal

Looking for top-tier talent to elevate your projects? Dive into Toptal’s exclusive network and discover the crème de la crème of freelancers in software, design, and more. With Toptal, you don't just hire freelancers; you partner with industry experts. Say goodbye to prolonged hiring processes and hello to instant matches with the top 3% talent pool in their fields. Why settle when you can have the best? [Ad]

A lab just 3D-Printed a neural network of living brain cells | Wired

“You can 3D-print nearly anything: rockets, mouse ovaries, and for some reason, lamps made of orange peels. Now, scientists at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, have printed living neural networks composed of rat brain cells that seem to mature and communicate like real brains do. … Researchers want to create mini-brains partly because they could someday offer a viable alternative to animal testing in drug trials and studies of basic brain function.”

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The internet came through for us again: FEMA edition

The internet came through for us again: FEMA edition

File under Never Let A Good Deed Go Unmocked, the internet did its usual public service to provide us with some humor to brighten our lives after The Beep Heard ‘Round The World. While there are no additional humans reported to have been turned into new zombies, the FEMA test tone’s 5G gene-reprogramming signal awakened some people’s creativity.

The internet came through for us again: FEMA edition
The internet came through for us again: FEMA edition
The internet came through for us again: FEMA edition