Food innovations of 2023

Plus, Happy Halloween (maybe).
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Spooky Trivia:

Is Halloween celebrated around the world?

Hint: I mean, of course, right?? The answer may scare you!


(Scroll to the bottom for the answer!)

The nonprofit that lets girls build the world they want to see | MIT Technology Review

“Emily Pilloton-Lam didn’t grow up in a particularly handy household, but she did spend hours and hours outside building treehouses out of logs and sticks: ‘I was more a spatial and physical thinker,’ she says. ‘And making spaces and changing my environment was one of the earliest ways I began to make sense of the world.’”

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In a first, memory shown to have two distinct past and future paths | New Atlas

“For the first time, scientists have found that the region in our brain that houses memory is made up of not one but two sections: one that deals with past experiences of time and places, and one that is more predictive, and actively constructs future behaviors.”

I’m charging my toothbrush with wireless power over distance — and it’s a trip | Wired

“For the past month or so, my electric toothbrush has been charging wirelessly, but not the way you think. My toothbrush charger is not plugged into an outlet. There are no wires or cables. The charging cradle can sit anywhere on the bathroom counter and continue to charge my toothbrush. This is because I am beta testing a prototype from Wi-Charge, an Israeli company that employs infrared technology to deliver wireless power across distances of up to 30 feet.”

Impress your Friends, confuse the locals: Babbel’s promise to the aspiring polyglot | StackSocial

This Halloween, we’ve got a real scary story for you: Imagine traveling to a new country and not knowing how to speak their language. Big yikes. Don’t be that person that orders a “crescent” in France or an “expresso” in Italy; speak like a local in over 14 languages with Babbel. The expert-designed daily lessons will keep you accountable while the speech recognition tech will turn those “uhh”s into “voila”s and “¿Qué?”s into “¡Claro!”s. Unlock the secret to becoming an instant local, or at least to pretending you are, all for only $150 for life. [Ad]

The best food innovations of 2023, according to TIME | The Takeout

“We’ve already somehow reached the point in the year where it’s acceptable to reflect back on it, and so TIME magazine recently released its ‘Best Inventions of 2023’ list. The collection is massive, covering 200 different innovations in categories such as transportation and consumer electronics, but you know the topic we’re most interested in is the food. Lots of interesting foods, appliances, and other culinary marvels were released this year, and TIME explores how each one broke new ground.”

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The answer: No, but here are a few of the notable celebrations

The answer: No, but here are a few of the notable celebrations

According to the World Population Review website: “In many countries, Halloween has increased substantially in popularity within the last 30 years. For example, the holiday is catching on in Australia, where houses hang an orange balloon outside to signal they have lollipops for trick-or-treaters. Halloween is also gaining traction in France, Greece, Poland, Sweden, Italy, and other countries. In many countries, Halloween has been met with initial resistance from people who regard it as either an overly commercialized holiday or an American holiday infringing upon local customs (or both). However, in many cases, that resistance wanes over time as new generations find ways to both honor existing traditions and incorporate new ones.”