The Möbius strip, unravelled

Plus, a ton of pizza. Literally.
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Civilization Tech:

How many slices of pizza are eaten in the United States every second?

Hint: No, it’s not 3.14159. That's a different kind of pi.


(Scroll to the bottom for the answer!)

Unraveled nerves and mesmerizing caffeine crystals: 10 sensational glimpses of the microscopic realm | Popular Science

“For nearly half a century, Nikon’s Small World Photomicrography Competition has celebrated the beauty captured by extreme magnification. This year, the photomicrography contest was stacked: a panel of journalists and scientists selected winners from 1,900 entries submitted by researchers and photographers in 72 countries. Subjects as diverse as mutant fish, chemical reactions, and a speck of space rock became works of art when seen really, really up close.”

Portfolios with 5% invested in art have higher returns 98% of the time | Masterworks

Research shows a portfolio which includes just a 5% allocation to contemporary art has historically driven higher returns 98% of the time compared to a traditional portfolio of 60% large-cap stocks and 40% bonds. But you’re probably wondering: how is the average person supposed to get access to an asset that has been the exclusive domain of the ultra-rich for centuries? The answer is Masterworks, an award-winning platform for investing in fractionalized works of art. It's not just easy to use, Masterworks has completed 14 exits on their artwork, all of them profitable, with the last three delivering net annualized returns of 17.8%, 21.5% and 35% to investors. Today, The Futurist readers can use this exclusive link to skip the waitlist. [Ad]*

Möbius mystery solved by mathematician after 5 decades | IFLScience

“Möbius strips are fun geometrical shapes that only have one side. Take a strip of paper – it’s got a front and a back. Now twist it and glue the two short edges together. Suddenly there is no front or back. You could draw a line across its whole surface without having to lift the pencil from the paper. Forty-six years ago mathematicians suggested the minimum size for such a strip but they couldn’t prove it. Now, someone finally has.”

Running parallels antidepressants in reducing depression | Neuroscience News

“Researchers offered 141 patients with anxiety and/or depression a choice between 16 weeks of SSRIs (antidepressants) or group running therapy, revealing both options approximately equally benefited mental health.”

Wines | StackSocial

Fall is full of get-togethers, both planned and the unexpected. And if there’s anything worse than last-minute-thrown-together plans, it’s showing up empty-handed. If only you had a cache of delicious red, white, and rosé wines that you could pop out at a moment’s notice. Oh wait — you could. And now through 10/23, you can get it for less than $7/bottle. Don’t let the low price tag fool you, though; these wines are cheap in price, but not in quality. Just check out some of the awards their vintners have won. Plus, if you know what you like and don’t want the mixed selection, you can get a box of floral and rich reds or fruit-forward and semi-sweet whites for the same low price. We’ll cheers to that. [Ad]

AI helps make a breakthrough in the study of an ancient scroll | Morning Brew

“While you were singing Pompeii by Bastille at karaoke, two computer science students discovered a word inside a 2,000-year-old scroll scorched by the eruption of Vesuvius. The discovery marks the biggest breakthrough yet in the Vesuvius Challenge, a competition to decipher the scrolls from ancient Herculaneum without damaging them. Yesterday, the competition announced two people used AI to independently uncover the Greek word ‘porphyras,’ meaning ‘purple’ — and papyrologists are simply thrilled.”

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The answer: 350 slices per second Or 100 acres of pizza a day!

The answer: 350 slices per second Or 100 acres of pizza a day!

According to the National Day Calendar website: “It’s no secret that Americans love pizza. In a recent poll, out of 1,000 people, 98% of them said they like pizza. Forty-three percent said that pizza was their favorite fast food. This makes pizza the second most popular fast food, with hamburgers being the most popular. … Each day Americans eat 100 acres of pizza or 350 slices per second.”

* Masterworks disclaimer: See important Regulation A disclosures at