What is the shape of space?

Plus, an insane amount of fur.
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Fun Trivia:

How many cats are there in the world?

Hint: More than two or three, we’re sure.


(Scroll to the bottom for the answer!)

What is the shape of space itself? | Big Think

“The question of the shape of space certainly seems a bit nonsensical. Space just is. It’s the place that holds stars and planets, and it’s big enough to allow comets and asteroids to buzz about the Sun, with very little chance of any of them colliding. Asking whether space has a shape doesn’t seem to make much sense. But the question of the shape of space has very real implications for the future of the cosmos — playing a role in whether the Universe will expand forever, or reverse its current expansion in a cataclysmic Big Crunch. Furthermore, space could be infinite, or it could be that if you travel far enough in one direction, you’ll return to your starting point.”

Pair Eyewear raises $75M in Series C funding [Partner]

Pair's game-changing glasses take customization to the next level. They have a frame fit for every face, from refined rectangles to classic squares. Ultra-thin Top Frames magnetically snap onto their Base Frames so you can switch up your look with bold colors, polarized Sun Tops, and unique designs. This ingenious concept has (literally) caught the eyes of millions, leading to their most recent fundraising success. Get your first pair now for only $54! [Ad]

World's largest quadcopter drone takes flight | New Atlas

“University of Manchester engineers set themselves the task of building and flying the biggest quadcopter drone in history, and to keep things legal with aviation authorities, they made some interesting materials choices. … The giant quad project started as ‘a curiosity-driven venture to inspire students’ creativity in design by utilizing a suitable alternative low-cost material for lightweight aerospace structures that is more environmentally friendly than the usual carbon fiber.’” And get your own (much smaller) 4K drone for $70!

The surprisingly subtle ways Microsoft Word has changed the way we use language | BBC

“For 40 years there’s been an invisible hand guiding the way many of us write, work, and communicate. Its influence has been pervasive, yet its impact has been subtle to the extent that you’ve likely never noticed. That invisible hand is Microsoft Word.”

BirdBike | StackSocial

You heard it here first. The BirdBike eBike brings the fun back to cycling. Combining the best parts of commuter, mountain, and electric bikes, this ride is a durable and reliable transportation option. Ditch the world of rising gas prices and make an eco-friendly statement more potent than reusable straws by commuting to work on two wheels instead of four. This bike will get you where you need to go as fast as 25 MPH and it’ll even give you little boosts so you don’t have to worry about exerting yourself and showing up all sweaty. Because hills and pedaling and effort were all overrated, anyway. [Ad]

Fun by design | Eater

“Walking into Shuggie’s Trash Pie is like entering an acid-tinged glam paradise. … Monochromatic, Pac-Man yellow interiors; 3-foot-long pepper mills; bird-shaped glassware; and a wild boar statue outfitted with a glowing neon necklace are just a few of the totems of the maximalist design taking hold at restaurants nationwide. It’s no secret that this trend is a response to the last few pandemic-stifled years. ‘I think going to dinner has shifted from a part of one’s night out, to the entire night out,’ explains Shuggie’s co-owner Kayla Abe. ‘People look to dining out as their main form of entertainment.’”

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The answer: Estimated between 200 & 600 million

The answer: Estimated between 200 & 600 million

From World Atlas: “Cats are the most popular pets in the world with one in every three homes in the United States owning a cat. The United States has the highest cat population in the world followed by China and Russia. They are very common pets in all the world’s continents except in Antarctica. Human beings have kept cats since ancient times for companionship, pest control, or religious rituals. The global population of cats is quite hard to ascertain with their estimates ranging from 200 million to over 600 million, and this includes all the feral cats, strays, and pets.”