AI is even taking the weather forecasters’ jobs!

Plus, a cosmic bookstore.
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Welcome To The Futurist
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Holiday Trivia:

The Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden, and Norway notably) tend to celebrate Christmas chiefly on which date?

Hint: Not the one the rest of us do.


(Scroll to the bottom for the answer!)

Google's new AI weatherman will leave forecasters in the dust | Gizmodo

“Finally, a robot to tell you which jacket you should wear to the function. Google DeepMind, the search giant’s AI-centric brain trust, just announced a new weather forecasting model that beats traditional systems more than 90% of the time. Named GraphCast, the machine learning model promises 10-day predictions that are better, faster, and more energy-efficient than the tools that run your weather app today.”

Casper - Do the holidays in your sleep [Partner]

As you’re making your list this holiday, there’s no better gift than the one they’ll actually use… Every single night. Whether they’re wishing for advanced ergonomic support or just a way to sleep cooler, we’ve dreamed up the perfect products to help give everyone a cozier holiday season. Shop our Black Friday Sale to get up to 30% off everything you need to spread cheer, one nap at a time. [Ad]

Why all the Gen Z kids love ‘soft saving’ (and how to do it) | Lifehacker

“I’ve written before how you should treat your budget like a healthy diet. Sure, you can try intense restriction — like the FIRE movement’s math-heavy approach — to get you an early retirement. But on the other end of the spectrum, you may spiral out into revenge spending, dooming your finances the same way binge-eating can doom your diet. In-between, there’s the concept of ‘soft saving,’ a happy medium between these extremes. It’s all about moderation. Or that’s the idea, anyway.”

Why so many volcanoes seem to be erupting right now | Mashable

“There's some eye-opening volcanism happening on Earth — in Iceland, Italy, Mexico, and beyond. It might appear, especially perusing the internet or social media, that there's an unusual number of volcanoes erupting, or an increase in global volcanic activity. But, unfortunately for the sensationalists and doomers, there's not.”

Same-day alcohol delivery with Saucey [Partner]

Saucey is your new go-to alcohol and tobacco delivery service. Order from a vast selection of beer, wine, spirits, cigarettes, vapes, nicotine pouches, and snacks via our website or app. Saucey deliveries are completed in as few as 30 minutes and typically within 45 minutes. Plus, get $5 off your first order using code DRINK5. Find more moments to savor more often when you choose Saucey! [Ad]

Cosmic bookstore conceived as a "portal through time and space" | New Atlas

“X+Living has made a real splash producing fantastical bookstores throughout China, including examples in Shenzhen and Chongqing. The firm has now revealed yet another in Huai'an that features an incredible interior design made up of complex cosmic forms. The Huai'an Zhongshuge bookstore measures 810 sq m (roughly 8,700 sq ft), spread over two floors, and its design came about in an attempt to offer a break from the mundane concrete buildings found throughout Huai'an. On that note we'd say it has certainly succeeded. The interior is conceived as a portal through time and space and made up of large-scale ‘astronomical instruments,’ which form an arrangement of concentric rings.”

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The answer: 24th December

The answer: 24th December

According to this Norwegian writer’s That Scandinavian Feeling blog site: “Christmas Eve is the main event during the Scandinavian Christmas, so we celebrate Christmas on the 24th. This is the evening we get together with family at home to have the main big dinner. The Christmas presents are placed under the tree, and [get] opened after the dinner.”