Company hires a robot CEO to make better decisions

Plus, beautiful lighthouses.
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Civilization Trivia:

How many parts does it take to make a traditional piano?

Hint: 88 keys are only the beginning!


(Scroll to the bottom for the answer!)

Bill Gates backs novel device promising wind energy at 1/3 the cost | New Atlas

“It looks nothing like a typical ‘fan on a stick’ wind turbine, but this oval track with evenly spaced wing blades could be an enormously disruptive addition to the renewable energy mix, since it slashes the cost of wind power to unprecedented lows.”

Lamp Depot - Your space lacks pizzazz [Partner]

The easiest way to add character to any room? Color! And since painting the walls isn’t always an option, the cheapest and next best thing is to get a lamp that changes colors for you. This one is sleek and minimalist, so it can fit in even the teeniest, tiniest studio apartment. Just prop it up in the corner and choose from over 300 dazzling light displays and 16 million colors (yeah, we definitely counted). Go ahead. Add some ambiance to your space. Because one Godfather movie poster does not a home make. [Ad]

Cell phone use linked to low sperm count in landmark study | Neoscope

“Since essentially the dawn of the cell phone era, scientists have long warned that the radiation they emit might cause male fertility issues — and a new, long-term study out of Switzerland indicates that those concerns may be warranted. As the University of Basel explains in a summary of the new research, there have been tons of studies showing that over the last 50 years, sperm counts have lowered significantly, with the average count per milliliter dropping from 99 million to just 47 million. Until now, however, there don't seem to have been any studies that have taken quite as broad a look at the apparent link between cell phone radiation and lowered sperm counts.”

Humanoid robot CEO takes the lead at rum company | IOT World Today

“In what’s being called a ‘world’s first,’ the humanoid, AI-powered robot was appointed for its lack of bias and ability to make data-led decisions. Polish rum company Dictador is taking robotic employment to the next level, appointing a humanoid, AI-powered robot named Mika as its experimental CEO. Mika’s tasks include identifying potential clients and selecting artists to design labels for Dictador’s bottled rum.”

How Gobble is revolutionizing meal time [Partner]

By now, you’ve probably heard of meal kit subscription services… But have you heard of Gobble? Gobble is the only meal kit on the market that turns upscale dishes into 15-20 minute weeknight meals that any home cook can achieve. They take classic, crowd-favorite recipes that would typically take an hour or more to prepare like Beef Bourguignon, Pork Miso Ramen, Chicken Piccata, and Lobster Rolls, and ask the question – "how can we make that dish feasible for a home cook any night of the week?" [Ad]

Illuminating: an illustrated guide to some of the world’s most remote lighthouses | The Guardian

“José Luis González Macías acknowledges that he was not the most obvious person to write a book about lighthouses. ‘I grew up a long way from the sea and had no personal connection with the world of seafaring,’ he says. ‘My professional life has been more centred on books than coastlines.’ As a writer, designer, illustrator and publisher of books and graphic materials for museums and other cultural institutions, he had always dreamed of creating a personal project that would put equal emphasis on images and text, but the fascination with lighthouses came later. He had been commissioned to design an album cover and came up with the image of lighthouses floating on asteroids. As he was researching designs, gazing at picture after picture of lighthouses, he says, ‘a strange attraction unexpectedly took hold of me, and it was as if I found myself trapped in my own isolated lighthouse’. This combination of ‘curiosity, and a fascination with the unknown’, together with a childhood love of maps, resulted in the idea for the atlas.”

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The answer: over 12,000

According to Wikipedia: “Pianos can have over 12,000 individual parts, supporting six functional features: keyboard, hammers, dampers, bridge, soundboard, and strings.”