Seinfeld returns as an existential horror

Plus, our Milky Way.
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Cosmic Trivia:

What is the most common type of star found in the Milky Way?

Hint: Also a very funny BBC show!


(Scroll to the bottom to check it out!)

You can see three meteor showers at their peak and a full Beaver Moon this November | Popular Science

“As the darkest nights of the year approach in the Northern Hemisphere, the night skies will light up, giving us a chance to see three meteor showers. Our closest planetary neighbor Venus will also be particularly radiant this month. It is also the time of year to keep an eye out for the Aurora Borealis. Here are some of the events to look out for this month.”

Luminar - Newsflash: no one uses Instagram photo filters anymore | StackSocial

Remember the days of ye olde Instagram when filters like Valencia and X Pro II cast blurry and oversaturated hazes over every post? Unfortunately, there are people still doing that. Don’t be that person. Be the photography pro who uses Luminar Neo, a photo-editing software that uses AI-based tools to perfect your pics. It’s used by pros, but it’s also user-friendly for newbs. Now through 11/9, you can get lifetime access for $200, and that’s including a tutorial and six preset packs that’ll enhance your snaps and fool your followers into thinking you’re actually a pro. [Ad]

Now showing, an ancient spell book for the dead | New York Times

“A standard component in Egyptian elite burials, the Book of the Dead was not a book in the modern sense of the term but a compendium of some 200 ritual spells and prayers, with instructions on how the deceased’s spirit should recite them in the hereafter. Sara E. Cole, the curator of the Getty exhibition, called the incantations a kind of supernatural ‘travel insurance’ designed to empower and safeguard the departed on the long, tortuous journey through the afterlife. Unlike today’s insurance policies, no two copies were the same.’”

Watch Apple’s ‘Scary Fast’ event in just 90 seconds | Cult of Mac

“Monday’s ‘Scary Fast’ Apple event, debuting the MacBook Pro and iMac with the M3 family of chips, was a short affair at just 30 minutes. But what if you only have, say, a minute and a half? Here are the announcements from last night cut down to a 90 second video.”

Give yourself a break with Constant Contact | Constant Contact

Tired of staring at a blank page, struggling to find the right words to connect with your audience? Constant Contact’s AI content generator can banish writer’s block for good. Think of the time you’ll save crafting the perfect copy for marketing campaigns while increasing your open rates, without breaking a sweat. Say goodbye to the frustration of content creation and hello to more time doing what you love with who you love. [Ad]

Twitch’s AI Seinfeld show has devolved into existential horror | Kotaku

“Twitch’s first big artificially generated show Nothing, Forever is not the same anymore. Although it’s been running nonstop since December 2022, with just a handful of changes here and there, the Seinfeld-like broadcast almost broke late last week. Now, after getting fixed, it’s somehow even creepier than before”

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The answer: Red dwarf

The answer: Red dwarf

According to the website: “Red dwarf stars make up the largest population of stars in the galaxy, but they hide in the shadows, too dim to be seen with the naked eye from Earth. Their limited radiance helps to extend their lifetimes, which are far greater than that of the sun. Scientists think that 20 out of the 30 stars near Earth are red dwarfs. The closest star to the sun, Proxima Centauri, is a red dwarf.”


In response to our holiday stories from yesterday, we received this clarification from Gustavo Walther Vomend Álvarez of Mexico City. We are always happy to hear from our readers with inside information or greater context to a story! The sharing of cultures and traditions always help us connect as we all move into the future together.

Hello, in Mexico we don't say Dia de los Muertos, we say Dia de Muertos (day of dead).
Even though it is indeed a product of syncretism, is is from Catholic Spanish religion and Mexican (mix of Aztec, Mayan, Purepechan, Tlaxcaltecan, etc) cultures.
Best regards.
PD Don't believe everything you read on the web.