Do you know where your snack flavors come from?

Plus, Earth has a lot of life.
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Holiday Trivia:

How many candles are used through Hanukkah?

Hint: Seems like a trick question but the math maths out.


(Scroll to the bottom for the answer!)

These 10 scientists are on the cusp of changing the world | Popular Science

“Leaving a tangible mark on your scientific field is a staggering achievement at any stage of your career. Each year, Popular Science honors 10 early-career researchers who’ve gotten a head start: The Brilliant 10. … Whether they are driven by the desire to fill a need, the pursuit of justice, or sheer fascination, there’s little doubt that each of these awardees will change the world for the better. … The groundbreaking work of these up-and-coming researchers offers us a sneak peek at the cutting-edge science of tomorrow. While they’ve already turned heads and earned some of the most prestigious academic awards out there, these experts are just getting started. What on earth will they think of next?”

MSCHF - What would you do with a million cash? [Partner]

The odds of winning the Two Million Dollar Puzzle are 150x better than playing the lottery jackpot. But like, that’s still ridiculous, right? A dream. A shot in the dark.


But also…what if you win a million dollars? What would you do? How would your life change?


You could handle inflation... for about 5 minutes.
You could finally take that trip to Bali and have cash left over.
You could pay off your student loans. From Bali, ofc.
You could afford to relax. Finally.


All this is only $29.99 away…  [Ad]

Exactly how much life is on Earth? | The New York Times

“According to a recent calculation by a team of biologists and geologists, there are a more living cells on Earth — a million trillion trillion, or 10^30 in math notation, a 1 followed by 30 zeros — than there are stars in the universe or grains of sand on our planet. … The overwhelming majority of these cells are microbes, too small to see with the unaided eye; a great many are cyanobacteria, the tiny bubbles of energy and chemistry that churn away in plants and in the seas assembling life as we know it and mining sunlight to manufacture the oxygen we need to breathe.”

Connectivity defined the past decade — interoperability is next | Pymnts

“While the rapid rise in digital connectivity over the past decade brought about remarkable advancements, it also presented challenges. Siloed ecosystems, proprietary standards, and a lack of interoperability hindered the seamless flow of data and functionality between devices, platforms, organizations and even industries. … As we step into the next decade, the spotlight is on interoperability — the ability of different systems and devices to work together seamlessly. Interoperability is the bridge that connects diverse technologies, allowing them to share data, functionality and services. The goal is to break down silos, fostering an environment where users can enjoy a cohesive and integrated experience across various devices and platforms.”

BirdBike - Save a horse, ride an e-bike [Partner]

Gas prices these days are… well, yikes. Instead of dropping money on fuel, you could spend it on a new e-bike that gets you around for free.99. This one comes with a powerful motor that boosts you uphill or lets you cruise at 20MPH. Just imagine it: you’re riding ‘round town with your hair blowing in the wind and not a drop of sweat or an ounce of effort on your part. Sounds nice, right? Get it for yourself or gift it to someone else while it’s still price-dropped, and order by 12/14 for delivery by Christmas! [Ad]

Inside the surprisingly secretive world of crisp flavours | The Guardian

“Reuben and Peggy’s jobs are not top secret in the way top secret jobs usually are. They don’t have guns, for example – and the grey conference table they sit at is much the same as you’d find in any office in the UK. They even have LinkedIn profiles that tell you their job titles. But this is where things get odd: search the name of the company they work for and you’ll find little information about the work Reuben and Peggy do. You could click through every page on their company’s website and leave with no idea that it creates the most beloved crisp [snack chips] flavors in the world.”

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The answer: Usually 44 per holiday

The answer: Usually 44 per holiday

According to Judaica Web Store website: “Hanukkah lasts a total of 8 days, and on each evening one lights an extra candle so by the end of the holiday the menorah should have 8 flames. It is proper to let the candles from each night burn out completely. In a normal situation, therefore, it will end up being 44 candles per wax-candle menorah. If a candle goes out with some amount left for whatever reason, however, then it still may not be ideal to use because all the flames for each night should start burning from an even height, and should last for no fewer than 30 minutes.”