Game hardware that was ahead of its time

Plus, AI doing good in the world of science.
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Welcome To The Futurist
Welcome To The Futurist

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Civilization Trivia:

Which composer had dedicated one of history’s greatest symphonies to and then retracted from Napoleon?

Hint: It has nothing to do with Dynamite.


(Scroll to the bottom for the answer!)

Can the Ugly Sweater craze sleigh the inflation Grinch? | Pymnts

“What started as a playful and often humorous way to celebrate the spirit of the season has evolved into a seasonal trend that captivates consumers. This peculiar tradition has not only stood the test of time but has also become a staple of the holiday season, with both individuals and brands actively participating in the festivities. … Ugly sweater gatherings are now a familiar fixture in holiday festivities, with individuals showcasing their quirkiest knits in the spirit of festive joy. The attraction lies in the pure nostalgia and merriment associated with these garments, and people willingly welcome the bold aesthetics with open arms.”

HP’s affordable Smart Tank 5101 Printer [Partner]

HP Smart Tank 5101, the perfect refillable tank printer for everyday printing. America's most trusted printer brand, HP ensures reliability and quality in every print. HP Smart Tanks have the best print quality on everyday paper in the ink tank category, with vibrant colors and crisp dark text. With HP's proprietary spill-free system, you can get mess-free refills. Just plug the ink bottles into the ink tank - no squeezing, no spilling, no mess. Upgrade to Smart Tank 5101 and get $60 OFF at HP. [Ad]

The ‘make it more’ ChatGPT trend — and how to play along at home | Decrypt

“Remember when the wildest thing in the crypto community was a cute dog and a poorly drawn frog? Fast forward to today, and AI has taken the baton to sprint into the absurd. Welcome to the ‘Make It More’ era, where your wildest imaginations are more than met — they're ridiculously exceeded.”

Deepmind AI tool catapults materials science 800 years into the future | New Atlas

“Prepare for a radical acceleration in technological development. A Google Deepmind AI has achieved ‘an order-of-magnitude expansion in stable materials known to humanity,’ finding about 800 years' worth of new materials with revolutionary potential. The discovery of new materials with unusual properties can start technological snowballs rolling that eventually push society in new directions – but up to this point, it's been a painstakingly slow process involving a lot of trial-and-error experimentation.”

Dun & Bradstreet - Did Your Business Credit Scores Change? [Partner]

Business credit scores & ratings can change often. When they do, you need to act fast to help resolve issues or seize potential opportunities. Help ensure you get notified when there are certain changes in your business credit file. Real-time, easy to understand alerts can make you aware of recent changes so you can start planning your next move. Signing up is easy – just select a plan that matches your business needs. [Ad]

Dreamcast, Virtual Boy, and more hardware that was ahead of its time | Kotaku

“A lot of video game consoles, and their associated accessories, feel tailor-made for their respective eras. This makes sense: You want to make consoles and controllers that will be relevant to players at the time you make them so they then, you know, buy the things. But sometimes, a game console or accessory does something very different, perhaps experimenting in a way that does not entirely work at the time, but nonetheless provides a glimpse into the future.”

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The answer: Beethoven’s Sinfonia Eroica (the ‘Heroic’ Symphony)

The answer: Beethoven’s Sinfonia Eroica (the ‘Heroic’ Symphony)

From the History Today website: “While Beethoven was labouring over the score, he decided to name the symphony after Napoleon Bonaparte, then First Consul of France. … Beethoven had the ‘highest esteem’ for Napoleon and ‘compared him to the greatest consuls of ancient Rome’. Whatever the case, Beethoven’s enthusiasm for Bonaparte was unflinching. As soon as the score was finished, in early 1804, he wrote the Italian words ‘Sinfonia intitolata Bonaparte’ (‘Symphony entitled Bonaparte’) on the cover and left the manuscript on a table so that all his friends could see. … Not long after putting the final touches to his symphony, Napoleon had declared himself Emperor of France. Beethoven was furious. Flying into a rage, the composer shouted: ‘So he is no more than a common mortal! Now he, too, will tread underfoot all the rights of man [and] indulge only his ambition; now he will think himself superior to all men [and] become a tyrant!’ Snatching up a pen, Beethoven then strode over to the score and scribbled out the title so violently that he tore through the paper. Thenceforth, the work would be known simply as the Sinfonia Eroica (the ‘Heroic’ Symphony).”