The most popular industries for AI jobs

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The industry talking the most about AI jobs is not tech, according to LinkedIn | FastCompany

“How people feel about AI may still be a mixed bag, but there is certainly no shortage of chatter about the technology, especially among employers and job-seekers. On LinkedIn, conversations about AI have increased by 70% over the past year, according to a newly released report from the job-search platform — the site’s second on ‘AI in the workplace.’”

Everything you’ve ever Wish-ed for (most likely) [Partner]

Why be brand-new when you can be brand-savvy? Refurbished tech isn’t only easier on your wallet, it’s also a more eco-friendly way to shop — and Wish has a variety of options to choose from. Browse smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even gaming consoles that have seen some action, but have been lovingly restored close to their former glory. If laptops for as low as $50 sound good to you, embrace Wish’s like-new selection and leave the premium prices to the tech snobs.  [Ad]

ChatGPT 1-year anniversary: How generative AI has evolved | Tech Crunch

“Since OpenAI released ChatGPT on Nov. 30, 2022, the generative AI chatbot has helped make artificial intelligence a $207 billion industry. Two months after its launch, ChatGPT was recognized as the fastest-growing consumer application in history. Due to the quick and massive success of ChatGPT, generative AI has become a mainstream term and changed the way many enterprise decision-makers consider software purchasing decisions. Additionally, generative AI has become an enticing tool for workplace strategy and operations; it’s currently unclear if it will shift how work is done or be a temporary workplace trend.”

Airline completes flight with 100% sustainable fuel [Video] |

“Sustainable aviation fuel, or SAF, is a replacement for fossil-derived fuels in the aviation industry. Without retrofitting, the sustainable alternative performs similarly to traditional jet fuel. Virgin Atlantic completed the first ever flight using 100% SAF, flying from London to New York City.”

BIOptimize - The Ultimate Nutrition System [Partner]

The Ultimate Nutrition System is the most supreme guide for learning how to choose the right diet that will help you reach your health, aesthetics, and performance goals AND help you maintain those results. The Ultimate Nutrition Bible And Video Course reveal why every diet works short-term but fails long-term, shocking truths about metabolism, and proprietary strategies to BIOptimize your body. And right now you can get an extra 10% off when you use the code FUTURIST10 and receive 6 eBooks as GIFT. Hurry before this offer expires. [Ad]

Climate summit in an oil state: can COP28 change anything? | BBC

“You are going to be hearing a lot about COP28 over the next two weeks. The world's most important climate meeting, beginning on Thursday, is being hosted in Dubai by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) - one of the world's top ten oil producers. COP28 will be the biggest gathering of world leaders of the year. … Hosting a climate conference in a petrostate was already controversial — but the BBC's evidence that the UAE team planned to use climate talks ahead of COP28 to do oil and gas deals has heightened concerns.”

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