This guy wants you to upgrade your old car with his EV kit

Plus, cookies. The kind you eat.
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What is the most popular cookie to make in the US?

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This Texas startup wants to rescue old gas-powered cars with simplified EV conversions | Popular Science

“Current EV Motors Founder Rocco Calandruccio grew up surrounded by cars; his grandfather opened a Ford dealership and then a Buick dealership and collected vintage and sports cars throughout his life. … He wasn’t willing to accept that cars are disposable entities and set out to figure out a way to give them new lives. Centered on that goal, Calandruccio secured two patents for EV conversion kits. … What Current EV is offering is more than a crate engine, Calandruccio says. His kit is instead engineered to bypass the transmission to improve the electric motor’s performance and efficiency. … ‘We’re focused on a bolt-on, all-inclusive solution for electrification,’ he explains. ‘For this solution to be sustainable, it has to appeal to everyday mechanics and be safe, quick, and effective.’”

Storyworth - Give family members a truly unique gift [Partner]

Storyworth helps your family capture memories to cherish for generations to come. Once a week, you choose a question to inspire a loved one to write (examples include "How did you get to school every morning?" or "Where were you when Neil Armstrong first walked on the moon?"). Your recipient simply replies to the email with a story while you follow along. At the end of the year, their stories are bound in a beautiful hardcover book for your family to keep. [Ad]

James Webb snaps epic shot of exploded star | The Byte

“NASA's James Webb Space Telescope just snapped a glorious image of an exploded star — and not just any celestial body, either. The image shows Cassiopeia A, one of the most well-studied supernova remnants some 11,000 light-years away in our galaxy, across the wavelength spectrum. Thanks to James Webb's near-infrared camera (NIRCam), we can see layers of material impacting with the gas being released as the star gears up for its final moments — yet another dazzling visualization of our cosmic neighborhood courtesy of the most powerful telescope ever launched into space.”

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Mind-reading BrainGPT converts thought-of words into displayed text | New Atlas

“There may be new hope for stroke victims and other ‘locked-in’ people who are unable to communicate by conventional means. It comes in the form of the experimental new BrainGPT system, which is able to read users' thoughts and convert them into readable text. In recent years we've seen alternative setups that convert brainwaves into text. However, these systems have typically either required electrodes to be surgically implanted in the user's brain, or they've only been capable of basic yes/no-type communications. That's where BrainGPT could one day come in.”

MSCHF - It's ACTUALLY a MILLION Dollars... [Partner]

The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle is a 500 piece QR code puzzle, that when scanned, reveals a prize of up to $1,000,000! Yes, you read that right, one MILLION dollars! But hey, if you don't win the biggest prize - $10,000, $100,000, $250,000, and $500,000 all sound pretty great to us too...


The more you buy, the more likely you are to win! The odds 150x better chance to win $1,000,000 with just one puzzle than the lottery jackpot, imagine with one of our amazing bundles!  [Ad]

Person invites the Internet to give one good reason the magnet truck won't work | IFLScience

“You may have noticed, perhaps around the time you started studying magnets in school, that we don't power vehicles by strapping a magnet to the front of them and propelling them forward with a second magnet just out of reach in front of it. Instead, we continue to power our cars using electricity and the remains of ‘not dinosaurs’ like chumps. This tells you one of two things: Either there is a very good reason that a magnet truck won't work, or you are the first person on Earth to come up with the idea of plonking a big ACME magnet on your van and are about to change the world.”

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The answer: Classic chocolate chip

The answer: Classic chocolate chip

According to the Study Finds website: “A survey of 2,000 Americans confirms our love for cookies, revealing that 82 percent of respondents enjoy baking their own cookies. Half enjoy the sweet snack so much that they bake their own at least once a month. Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Crumbl Cookies for National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, the survey delved further into what makes a cookie ‘perfect.’ Chocolate chips come out as the clear winner: 62 percent agree that it’s hard to beat the taste of a classic chocolate chip cookie.”

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